Saturday, August 13, 2011

How do you handle Road Blocks?

Okay, so when it comes to working out and eating clean you always have little road blocks and sometimes some unexpected detours that try to throw you off coarse! Like the day (about two weeks ago) when I showed up at the gym for a heavy leg/glute day to find I'd left my tennis shoes at home (15 minutes away!) In the summer I always wear my extra support flip-flops and that's all I had!  My enthusiasm to go bust a move diminished even more as I sat in my car outside the gym realizing my lifting partner would not be joining me!  I so wanted to just say "forget it!"  I just didn't have time to run all the way home as I was paying a babysitter, who's on a time schedule herself!  I wasted five minutes pouting in the car before I finally decided to give it a try with what I had.  I told myself, "Work with what you've got; just make it work!"
 As I walked into the gym I was hoping there wouldn't be too many people in there to see the "dumb lady lifting legs with flipflops!"  Nope, not too many people, just 4 GUYS!
 I started off with barefoot dead-lifts, ten pounds lighter than my usual but I added 5 more reps and did 4 sets instead of 3!!! That worked! Then, I struggled just a bit to get my form right on my lunges, so I skipped the heavy lunges on the Smith Machine and opted for barefoot walking lunges... I did enough, packing two 20's that I almost had to crawl to the leg press!  I actually think I got a better leg press workout than usual so things were looking up!  I got through the rest of my workout, some of it with these beautiful flip-flops and some of it barefoot. But believe me when I say, my butt was SORE the next 3 days! Whoohoo!!!

I did get a few funny looks from the guys in the gym, luckily I didn't know them so I didn't really care!  Once I got going and started feeling my quads, hams and glutes working to their potential I didn't care what I looked like! 
Now, I'm not saying go workout without the proper shoes,,, I'm darn lucky I didn't hurt myself!  However, look how I handled a road block and didn't let something little give me the "excuse!"  
Too many people always have "excuses" and I've heard 'em all!  Ya know what?  If you want something bad enough you'll make it work!  If not, then stop complaining about not being able to reach your goals! Love the body your in or change it! 
Geez, look at all that "support" haha!!!
Train hard ya all!!!