Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arm workout- focusing on the biceps!

The last post was focusing on a Tricep workout so 4 days later I did this workout focusing on my Biceps!  YES,,, they too were sore. Therefore, I pretty much had sore arms ALL WEEK! Which was AWESOME!

pumped up after
this workout!
Warmup- (lower weight, more reps)
Cable bicep curl 30 reps, (30 lbs)

WORKOUT: 5x through (drop your weight the last two sets if you need to)
no rest between exercises but take a 60-90 second rest between sets!  The timing and order of this workout matters!

1) Alternating Bicep DumbBells hammer curls- 20 reps (25lb DBs)
2) Tricep DB overhead extension 15 reps- (25lb DB)
3) Supine cable curls (flat on your back- get full range of motion) 15 reps (50lbs)
4) Bicep Rope cable curl 10 reps 40 lbs) BURN BABBBYYYYY!~

Tri this one!!

This was a short but awesome Tricep workout I did a few weeks ago.
I was so sore for three days after (which seldom happens!)

I love my (big) arms!
warm up- (lighter weight, more reps!)
1 set all with 15lb Dumbbells:
DumbBell alternating hammer curls- 30 total reps (15lbs)
Shoulder shrugs- 20 reps (15lb DBs)
DB standing Tricep extension- 20 reps (15lb DB)

Triple set- 4x through: (decrease the weight the last two sets if need be,,, I had to)
I will post the weight I lifted but remember to adjust yours so you are thinking "holy cow!"  on the last rep of each set)
1) Bicep cable curl: 10-12 reps (70lbs)
2) Cable- reverse grip TRICEP pushdown 15reps- (50lbs)
   (NO REST- move right into the:)
3) Cable Rope Tricep pushdown 10 reps, (40lbs) FEEL THE BURN BABY!!!

Superset- 3x through:
1) weighted dips 20 reps, (10 slow, 10 fast) 25lb plate on lap
2) seated reverse grip pullups- bodyweight (focus on pulling yourself up with bicep) 10-15 reps
demo video-

END with a 3 minute (25lb) "Plate Burn" alternate between bicep curl, tricep extension behind head and overhead press... without stopping for 3 minutes)

ENJOY the sore TRI's for the next few days! AND--- if they are not sore you need to up your weight!!!