Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sore arms anyone!?!?!

I spend an hour a week specifically lifting arms plus some extra arms with my "garage" workouts and yoga stuff.  Yes, my "long-term" goal is to grow my arms and have the right bicep catch up to the left.  Therefore, my "short-term"goal is to get sore arms after my arm workouts!  This is sometimes a challenge as my arms are getting used to just about every variation.  I've really had fun making up new workouts to change it up.  I've also been able to up my weight some which with smaller muscles like the biceps and triceps, it's a challenge!
This particular workout I did a Triple set of Bi's "supersetted" with a Triple set of Tri's for three rounds and then one more bi and tri "supersetted" for three sets! It was fairly quick and the best news.... I was SUPER SORE the next morning (less than 24 hours),,, which that is really good because I usually don't get sore in the arms for 36-48 hours, if at all!
Remember I post the weight I lift but you may need to increase or decrease your loads.  Just keep it hard enough that you are thinking, "holy heck!" and still keeping good form!
 Here's the workout:
DO #1-6 with NO rest,,, repeat 3x
BICEP Triple Set
1. Wide grip cable curls 10 reps/60lbs
2. Dumbell alternating hammer curls 25lbs- 8 reps rest 10 secs, 8 more reps
3. Supine (lying flat on your back) cable curls 50lbs- 12reps
TRICEP Triple Set
4. Tri cable push down with short straight bar 60lbs- 10 reps
5. Seated (Chair) Tri- cable extension 40lbs- 10 reps
6. DB (double- both arms at once) bent over kickbacks (bend at waist, 90degree bend, press head up against something soft to brace yourself) 8lb dumbbells- 10 reps
"21's Burn set" repeat 3x
Straightbar bicep curl, 35lb bar, 7 top half, 7 bottom half, 7 full reps
Skull crushers with 15- 20lbs Chains (or use a dumbbell if you don't have a chain) 7 bottom, 7 top, 7 full reps.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got your tickets to the Gun show??

"Got your tickets to the gun show?" was Cory's saying when we were dating and he wanted to impress me!  (It worked, he's my inspiration!)

 I am so left handed dominant that my left arm has ALWAYS been way bigger than my right... to the point where you can obviously notice it!  when I see a picture like this it bugs me so much!  To me, it looks like two different people's arms!!! how weird!

April 2012

SSSoooo, Trainer Cory said I need to start doing more DB's to get my biceps more evened out!  It's been two months with the goal of getting my right arm caught up and ya,,, really no luck but I've been having fun "getting big arms!"
(left) May 2012

I guess I need to research getting a more symmetrical body! any ideas???

(right) July 2012
look, I got a new gym bag!! hhaaa!!! THANKS Cory! 

here's Oakley, my lean mean muscle machine after a 10 sets of 10 bi and tri workout with mommy!!    

Time for a leg workout!

Progress is slow but I am pretty pleased that I am able to keep adding more weight to my lifts and (very slowly) I am feeling stronger and stronger!  So my words of wisdom today are,,, "Add more weight!"  If it is "kinda easy" you definitely need to add some more weight!  I think that's one problem woman have is being afraid to put some weight on the bar!  No offense to anyone but ya know those gals you see lifting the 5 pound weights everyday in the gym?? They have so much more potential they haven't tapped into yet!  Here's how...
(Warning::: I was very sore after this leg workout!)

(Pyramid) LOW Squats on the smith machine: Warm-up set do 15-20 reps with 60lbs. 
THEN,100lbs, do six sets total with 30-60 second rest between sets-  3reps, 4reps, 5reps, 5reps, 4reps, 3reps.  (hints: feet forward, let the bar roll down your back between your shoulder blades just a little so it is NOT resting right on your neck, lean back into the bar just a bit and you should be able to get a really low drop.  As soon as you come to the bottom, power up using the back side of the legs.  Don't stall out at the bottom!)

Superset for three sets:
   Front/ back lunges holding 15lb Dumbbells 10 left leg, then 10 right leg
   10 Squats using the 45lb straight bar with 25lb DB's hanging from each end of the bar with the thick "elite fitness band" These DB's are hanging down about a foot from the bar and they do sway if you are not stable.  I love this one because you really have to hold your core tight and be slow and controlled. 
 The dumbbells hanging from the long straight bar.

A closer look of how to hang the DB! be sure to make both sides look identical or you will be extremely lop-sided!

Superset for four sets:
   Leg extension machine 50-70lbs- 12 reps!(point the toes up! This really works the vastus medialis (inside) and lateralis (outside) right above the knee)
  Squat Pumps holding a 15lb DB for 30 seconds. "pump it" up and down!  You don't have to go real low but keep your butt back, don't let your toes go over your knees and put just a little weight on your toes.  I know this is "bad form" for a regular squat but think about focusing on your quads,,, it's like a "burn" after the leg extension machine! (thanks Tina and Justen for this one!)

Smith machine deadlift 3 sets:
50lbs -standing on a step, feet close together, 15 reps, keep your head up and power up through your glutes and hamstrings!  You could go heavier and less reps if you want to keep with the "heavy leg day."  But, by the time I get to the end of this workout my legs are really crying out to ease up so I listen to my body!

You should be pretty sore after this one so you might want to stretch out good after this workout!
Let me know if you need me to post some pictures, I would be happy to do that next week!
Now go "lift heavy" girls!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

what do you eat for breakfast???

PLEASE,,, Someone,,, please make this breakfast and tell me you like it!  I love this breakfast so much, I swear I've had it everyday for over a year.  But, every time I make it for someone else they don't love it!  Geez, my bestie, Melissa, wouldn't even taste it!   So, if you make it please let me know what you think!  If you don't love it, that's okay,,, more for me!
I came up with this breakfast because I wanted less dishes... I was making my eggs and oatmeal in two separate pans.  I thought I could combine them and make it a "sweet breakfast"  (I have such a sweet tooth!)
3 egg whites
1 C water
3 or 4 teasp. Ideal brown sugar or Truvia sugar
1/2 C Old fashioned Oats
a little vanilla extract
a little almond extract
(if you hate almond, it won't hurt my feelins if ya cut this out, although, I think that's what makes it uniquely yummy!)
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein
dash of cinnamon (optional)

Spray a small pan.  Over medium heat fry the the egg whites with the extracts.  I like to "chop" the egg whites into small pieces as they cook. 
Add the water and oatmeal. stir and cook until the oatmeal is done (add a little more water if necessary). 
Stir in the protein powder, "Sugar" and throw a dash of cinnamon on top. 
At this point I usually turn off the burner and let it set as I get the kids breakfast ready.
Let me know what you think!