Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Diary of a Wrestler

     My little wrestler cutting weight 
                   (the right way)!! 
This Saturday morning, in 3 days, Oakley needs to be 60#s or less for regional wrestling.

His Weight this morning was 61.0

No Sugar Power Packed Oatmeal
Cook 1:25 in microwave:
1/2 c Old Fashioned Oats 
1/2 c water 
1/2  apple cut up

Then Stir in 1/2 banana sliced 

Make protein cream in shaker bottle:
2-3oz low calorie almond milk 
1/2 -3/4 scoop low carb vanilla protein powder 
Cinnamon and vanilla 

Shake well and pour over oatmeal! 

(Oakley suggests stirring the cream in, to get the sweetness in every bite.)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year and A New Year's Revolution!

             HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!
Reflecting on 2013! 
WOW and what a year it has been!  Here's the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of 2013.  -- This is the year that I completed 12 years of teaching and then walked away from it all the end of May! I must say, as much as I miss the paycheck, I don't really miss the stress of teaching "naughty" middle school class!  This is the year I turned my hobby of fitness,,, into more!   So far this year it has been just a "Part-time" job; Thus putting my family in a bit of a "financial situation" which has been a little depressing.  However, I've tried really hard to "keep my chin up" as my ol' grandpa (and mom) would say!  I pray to my Heavenly Father to provide and not just provide me with money, but provide me clients who could really use my help.  I am happy to say that each month (since June) has gotten better and better.  I've had twenty clients thus far and currently I have fourteen!  People come and go and even come back! 
WOW, what a year it has been.  This is the year I've learned so much about new training concepts I've never even heard of,, like joint integrity movements,  EPOC and dysfunctional glutes!  Everyday I learn something new,,, and the knowledge just keeps coming,,, BRING IT ON,, till my brain is over flowing.  

SO what is 2014 going to bring? What do I want to do in 2014? 
Well,  in past years I've tried to make Resolutions and I just end up breaking them and then here comes the guilt! Agh, how frustrating!  That's just not healthy for me!  But, I don't think I'm alone,,, I once heard only 8% of people keep their New Year's Resolution. That's sad!
Instead of making a Resolution this year, I'm just having a Revolution!
  I need goals! 

I once went to a teacher in-service three years ago that was all about goal setting.  There weren't really any magic answers of how to achieve your goals... the speaker said you just need to write SMART goals, (to include short term and long term goals) and then you MUST write them down!  He had everyone in the audience do this! I wrote down my three random goals... My short term goal was to clean my desk at work by the end of that week. My next goal was to lose twenty pounds (5 months after having my 3rd baby), and my long term goal was to take my family on a family vacation within the next eight months.  I wrote these goals down and then put them in my desk drawer at work.  I saw them two days later when I cleaned my desk and then it was almost nine months later before I saw them again.  Much to my surprise I had achieved all of these goals in less than the time I specified!   So, right now, as I'm thinking about how positive that experience was for me, I'm saying to myself- why NOT try that again?   Heck with a Resolution,  I'm going to have a Revolution and just write down some goals! 

   So before we get started how do we write a SMART GOAL?
Let's start with the "R" and see if it's relevant.  Is this even something you want to do? Next, let's go to the "A" and ask yourself can you really attain this goal?  When I look at my three goals I wrote that day in the teacher in-service I knew I need these goals, so they were relevant and they were easily attainable.  Well, the fat loss goal was going to be tough but I told myself I've done it before after the first two babies, so I could do it again.
When I think of the "S" for specific I think about my teacher goal writing training and "numbers" comes to mind.  My goal of 20 pounds was specific.  My goal of taking my whole family of 5 on vacation was pretty specific.  So, I highly reccomend you put a number in your goal.
The "T" is what I like to call Time sensitive! You have to do it in a certain amount of time.  There's got to be an end otherwise you may never achieve it!
Lastly,  the "M" for measurable you have to ask yourself, "Can I see the goal being achieved and can I actually measure it?" This is the S, A, R and T put together. Here's an example.  Which of these goals are measurable?
 1. I will get healthy this year
 Or 2. I will lose 20 pounds by April 1st?!  
Yep you guessed it, #2
I know #1 seems so silly but I have been guilty of saying similar non-productive  "resolutions" in the past. 
Please don't fall trap to doing the same thing.  Instead, make this the year you write goals and achieve them!
Okay, now since this blog post is getting sooooooo long, and your eyes are burning, I'll just get to the point and go ahead and finish with my goals.
Here goes nothing...
In 2014...
I will study 14 hours a week until I take my PT test
I will take my ACSM PT test (and pass) by March 1st
I will increase my training clients by 2 clients per month till May by talking to people, handing out business cards and referral promos
I will be in the Word 5 out of 7 days a week and memorize one scripture per month 
I will volunteer 2x a month (church or nursing home or food pantry)
I will go to bed earlier (before 9:30) so I can get up earlier and be more rested

Well,,, Now it's written down! So, I better go and get after achieving these goals! 
Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Productive Goal-tastic 2014!