Saturday, August 29, 2009

First week!

What a week! I am tired! Let's see...
Jett's first day of second grade was Monday the 24th. All week he kept saying it was hard and he didn't like school but he wanted to go back the next day because he had fun chasing the snakes on the playground!
Oakley had a boring week at daycare! He starts Kindergarten Monday the 31st!~
My first day back to work was Monday. LONG boring in-services Monday and Tuesday. Thank God my aid came in Friday before to help me decorate the classroom! It looks pretty good! So, students started Wed. I have three returning students who have the majority of their classes in my room. I have one new girl. She's a sweetie. Then I am keeping tabs on three students I had last you but they are kiddos who have earned their way out of my room! GOOD kids!!!! So,,, all 8th graders and one 7th grader! The end of the week with students was very uneventful... easy. I almost fell asleep yesterday afternoon! It is just so quiet and calm in my room,,,,well FOR NOW! I will get paybacks this Spring! I've seen three of my old students who are now 9th graders! They look good and as naughty as remember them but honestly, I miss them!
I made it to the gym two days last week!!! Better than nothing I guess! I am feelin like a big blob so ya I gotta keep doing something! Thursday after school I took the boys to the waterpark! It was fun but a little windy! I actually swam some laps! Then we met Cory for supper at Perkins and later I went to give Walmart a hundred dollars!!! Last night, Friday, I was totally pooped so when we got home we pretty much did nothing!

Cory, he has been staying busy with work and doing little things around here. He has been able to go workout at the gym three days a week. He and Oakley went to an auction in town Tuesday night. Sounds like it was good quality "boy" time together, where they bought a pellet gun! Yeah, another gun around here! Just what we needed! Today Cory is out "scouting for deer." The boys want to go with him but they had to stay home this morning to get some cleaning done! They must really want to go with Daddy looking for deer because their cleaning is done already!

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow after church and other than that I think I will just be relaxing and chilling most of the weekend! Gotta gear up for another week of school! I think there's only 31 weeks of school left!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

NOT Me Monday???

HUH, it is Monday already!? I don't even know how another week went by! Where was I? Why is this summer going by so fast?! I can't even think of "Not me Monday's" Not because I am so perfect but because well, this week just went by so fast I really don't remember any of it!
> > > > > > > > >
Well, if I must confess,,, I will! This is more than brutally honest, it is just plain stupid! Yeah, stupid to put it on the Internet! You see, apparently my husband's boss reads my blog! Oh well, he just checks for "black mail pictures of Cory." I guess as long as MY BOSS doesn't read my blog I might be okay on this one! I wouldn't want him to read my blog because I complained all week to everyone I know. Yep, I whined that it is so stupid that we must have our classroom ready for SHOW Monday afternoon (the 24th) but don't get paid to get it set up and ready! Our first paid day is that day but we have meetings all day and then my favorite: Open House at 2!! What!? Are you kidding me? So, I will go into work later this week and WORK FOR FREE! I could pay daycare to watch my boys so I could get a lot done or I could just take my kids, save some money and drive everyone else crazy! Yeah, that's what I'll do,,, they all need to feel my pain that I can't afford to pay daycare when I'M NOT GETTING PAID! RIGHT??? Okay, now after I admitted all this, I say, "What? Who Me? I would never say that! Geez guys, don't ya know, I LOVE working for free!!!"

Actually I do pretty much "work for free" compared to WY teachers anyway, so I should be use to it right!?

Okay, with all this said, I really just needed about 2 more weeks! I'm just not ready for school to start yet but I will make it! I always do! I will be there and get it all done,,, somehow, someway it will happen!
POST your NOT ME MONDAY ASAP, and no, I'm not paying you to do it! YOU must do it for FREE and LIKE IT!!! GOT IT??? (come on Tina, you can participate this time!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Me Monday on Tuesday!

This is something Stellan's mom started about being honest about all our imperfections! Let me tell you, I am so not perfect and this maybe a little hard to be this honest but I'm so glad my three blog readers will love me anyway!!! Okay, this could be fun! Here goes!!!

I didn't let my boys wear the same clothes two days in a row! No, I would never do that! I also didn't suck homemade frosting straight out of the baggie after decorating my hubby's birthday cake,,, and speaking of cake,,, I guess I can't say "I didn't" make him a protein pancake instead of a real birthday cake, since the pictures below prove it!
(Oh and a few weeks ago) I surely wouldn't forget my own mother's birthday! No, that's something I would never do! (sorry mom! I LOVE YOU!)
Speaking of birthdays,,, I also didn't point out to my two young boys, while in Walmart, what I want for my birthday! No, I would never rely on a 5 and 7 year old to inform their dad what I REALLY want for my birthday next month! BUT, if I had,, I think 20 reminders should do!
I also did not get on my scale twice a day for the last 5 days! NO, I would never play the "Scale mind game" with myself!
Lastly, I didn't FREAK out on my husband when he threw a grasshopper right in front of our salamander's face (after she had just ate a whole bunch already!) Therefore, I didn't spend all of my last waking hours last night praying for the salamander to be able to pass this disgusting grasshopper and not die!

Okay, now all three of my wonderful blog readers feel free to join me and keep Stellan's mom's fun game going! Post your "NOT ME MONDAY" on your own blog and/or on my comments! Also, check out Stellan's mom's blog and see her "Not Me Monday!"

Friday, August 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!


Cory turned 33 yesterday! AND Wow, what kind of birthday cake is that, you may ask!

This is a Protein Pancake with yummy (unhealthy frosting.)
Will he eat it???
He actually seemed to enjoy it for a fun treat as he got ready to go out to supper!
Cory and I got away to have a late supper with his friend, Justen, at the Chophouse in Spearfish! It was super yummy and fun to get out although we were pretty tired when we got home!

So,,, Here is Cory's "fun" sorta- gag gift! I couldn't resist and can't wait to see him in these Superman undies!!! He's MY SUPERMAN!!!

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Here he is concentrating on his card I got him!
I thought it was a pretty neat card because
it talked about how God picked us out for each other!
And... how blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband!

So true, so true!!!

Ok, now this may sound like I am buttering him up since he does read my blog sometimes but seriously,,, I think he is the most handsome man in the world and no one compares to him!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Successful feeding!

Well, First HAPPY 33rd Birthday to my sweet, hunky husband! I LOVE EM! and...
I MUST STAND CORRECTED,,, THE WILD ANIMALS ARE STILL ALIVE AND SO FAR SO GOOD!!! So, maybe mommy just needed a lesson on how to take feeding a lil animal seriously!

The cricket adventure was worth it! The salamander ate 3 crickets and the frogs all ate one too! It was really fun to watch them eat! What good little pets! They will even eat right out of Jett's hand! So, we will feed them another cricket today. Boy, at this rate we are going to have to make another trip to Rapid just for crickets!

Monday, August 3, 2009

surgery, reptiles and amphibians

I'm over due for a new update! darn Facebook is consuming me!
okay, well, lets see...

Jett's surgery (putting his boy parts into place on July27th) went very well! His heart was slow (around 40bpm) but he did just fine! Jett goes back the Dr. Wed (9 days post-op) to get the bandages off and see if he gets some restrictions lifted! Oh and he is now just complaining about the itching,,, so it must be healing!

The horses are fine. Tell, the borrowed, brown horse, who didn't actually go home, is okay. His leg doesn't look great but he isn't limping on it and so we have been able to ride him again. Peco's the black kids horse is feeling his green grass and seems to have a little too much "get-up-and-go" for me to trust him. Therefore, when Oakley and I went riding last week I kept Pecos on a lead rope! We had fun and Oakley even stayed on while we trotted for a ways! However, due to his surgery Jett's a little behind on the horse riding lessons!

We just got back from Burke, SD for the weekend. It was Cory's 15 year HS reunion, town party, parade and seeing family! We stayed with Cory's mom, Sharon. We had a great time. Grandma Sharon, bless her heart, watched the boys both nights so we could go to the class of 94 suppers and street dance. Grandma did a great job watching them except she let them catch and "keep" a gardner snake! YIKES! luckily it got out of the box they put it in! Everyone commented on how our boys are "ALL BOY!"
So, this morning, to further the "All boy" title they caught a baby salamander under my water tank and some little frogs. All morning they have been busy trying to make a "habitat" for their new "pets!" (Which sad for them, but we know these new pets will be dead soon!) The boys collected all kinds of bugs and worms and made a neat hide-a-way with rocks and mud! So, lots of summer fun and even some lessons on wild animals in captivity never live! AGH! I am thinking we will make a stop by the pet store for real crickets on Wed, when we go to town, that is if anything is still alive!