Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pray for Stellan!

I was snooping around other peoples blogs,,, looking for other Christian woman raising boys and I found this amazing story that needs LOTS and LOTS of prayer! and it seems that with a little good news tonight, the prayer is working!

Here's the quick version of why we need to be praying for baby Stellan:

While Stellan's mom was pregnant with him, he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition which was VERY rapid heart rate(SVT's), major drops in heart rate and cardiomyopathy! When he was born in Aug. 08 he was declared healthy and pretty much the "miracle baby."

Well, Sunday March 22nd he was sick with a bad cold. That night he ended up in the hospital getting breathing treatments which sent his heart back into the SVT's. This makes his heart beat anywhere from 200-300 beats per minute! (I believe this family lives near the Twin Cities) Anyway, he is still in the NICU as the Dr.'s are trying everything to get his little heart back into a Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR). The heart racing and the drugs he is on make him very restless and just very sick! He was dehydrated but it seems they are getting that under control. He is such an adorable baby and this story is touching my heart immensely! As most of you know my sweet Donnie had a pacemaker to make his heart beat right! He would have racing spells of over 250bpm (sitting doing nothing) that would make him feel very sick! I can't imagine a sweet baby going through that!

Please pray for his heart to go into NSR! and for continued peace for this family who are AMAZINGLY STRONG IN THEIR FAITH IN GOD!

click on his picture and you can read his mom's blog! She is an amazing christian woman and might I say, a phenomenal photographer!!! They have four kids and they are down right, the cutest cuties I've seem!

TWO MORE snow days!

What? Are you kidding me? We just got another storm, exactly a week after the last one... Only this one wasn't quite as bad. Lucky us,,, we only had two snow days, stuck in the house! I have been sick again so it was nice to get two "free" sick days,,, since I am out of sick days! I have spent a lot of time in the Word, working on my Harvest Crusade Impact class materials. I looked up and studied lots of scripture to rebuttal objections and excuses of non-Christians! I thought this would be so easy, since I once was that non-christian who didn't understand and had stupid excuses. However, I don't know how to explain the biggest thing,,, FAITH--- "believing without seeing!" I am praying for God to give me the words and prepare me for being a Decision Follow-up Worker! This is a huge step for me,,, to commit to do this! I know it is God, stretching me and growing me and showing me, I am NOT a "baby" christian anymore!

Prayer works for dieting too!! I need to take my own words of advice here!
BECAUSE, I have done a great job in the last nine days of blowing my healthy eating! Being stuck in the house, being sick and PMS does NOT work for my diet!

The boys had fun playing and watching movies yesterday after we got back from the eye Dr. Here's the new news,, my poor little Jett has to get glasses! They said he has a bad astigmatism and he is starting to get a lazy (left) eye! The Dr. showed me what he sees and it is worse than my eyes (without my contacts)! So, he gets his glasses next week! I pray that they help him and he can keep from breaking or losing them!

Today, Oakley and I stayed home all day. We gave Sadie a bath and loved on her (on the couch) all day! Poor old doggie! Then we put together more puzzles, played games, and watched Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium!!! I love that movie!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too much going on

I think there is as much going on in my head as there is in my life! Lets see, where to start, oh yeah, to add to the craziness of my busyness,,, I'm feeling like a cold is coming on! Stuffy nose, head congestion stuff, which doesn't surprise me after this hot and cold weather we've had. Anyway, just super busy morning, but actually I got quite a bit done today! Tina's baby shower, delivered Body Shop, tanned, post office,,, *(mailed Pastor Bill Godstruck CD and The Shack book to Amy!) baked, muffins, cookies and cookie bars for the concert bake sale and made Lasagna for supper!

I tried to scrapbook but I'm not getting too far. I need to commit to NOT turning this computer on like at least 3 days a week!!! It consumes me! Look, I changed my background! TOO FUN!

This weekend, I have been thinking of my story of how I lost my first husband, Donnie! Exactly three years ago today I was a complete wreck! I tried to go back to work,,, well I did go back to work, which was probably the best thing for me.

Everyday after Donnie died my faith in Christ GREW and GREW! I know people who have lost love ones before it was their time and got very angry with God. I however, just continued to search for more comfort! I couldn't imagine doing this grief thing alone! and that is what you are without God! ALONE! God looks for the hungry and I was hungry! Hungry for anything that was going to heal my broken heart and I knew it wasn't going to be some cheap earthly thing! The thing is,,, is NO ONE loved me as much as I wanted to be loved,,, after Donnie was gone! The only place I could find enough love for my poor little shattered heart was from my God! I am so thankful tonight,,, that when I was in that deepest despair of my life that I turned in the right direction! I didn't get lost with alcohol, partying, or some other stupid obsession! Well, I did work out a lot but that wasn't all that bad! I looked HOT,,, that must be how I hooked Cory! HAHA!
Ah, Cory,,, he didn't know it but he was an earthly angel to me! and still is! God is SOOOO good to me to give me Cory! I pray I get to keep him until I go to heaven! He tries so hard to be the best dad he can to "his" boys!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Snow tunnels rock!

Cory made the boys a pretty cool snow fort with three tunnels, out behind our house! It was a lot of fun for all of us. Including myself,,, who got a little stuck in one of the tunnels! LOL! The boys had to come in for a late lunch when they were soaking wet but they has a blast! If I don't miss my guess I bet they will go out one more time before dark today! It is so nice here now that the wind quit blowing! have a great day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


OH BOY!!! One more day in the house with the boys!
We are officially OUT! Cory shoveled and the neighbor plowed the driveways and the dirt road all the way to the highway! So, I sure would like to go to work tomorrow but I guess we will just have to make it up in June! I bet the boys can go outside more tomorrow now that the wind has died down. They sure had fun in the deep snow today!


Monday, and now Tuesday have been SNOW DAYS for us here in the Hills of South Dakota! This blizzard has been so bad because of the wind! SO, we have been stuck inside for going on two days now! It is hard to believe as Saturday and Sunday were in the 60's and 70's and we wore sandals! Since yesterday I've kept the boys busy with puzzles, making masks, coloring, playing with clay and of coarse we watched numerous animal shows!
We also went outside twice today to play in the snow and encourage Dad as he shoveled us out! Oh AND thanks to Tina for helping me change my background! Cory, my hot lil' firefighter, liked the firetrucks!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wrestling is over!

WELL, I survived my first season as a wrestling mom and so did my boys! Jett didn't make the whole season. He decided it just wasn't for him, which was fine. Oakley however, greatly enjoyed it. He wrestled at the big 40 pound weight class in the six and under bracket. He won first 3 times, one second and one fourth. He made it to regionals (2 wins and 2 loses) but didn't make it to state. He did very well for a beginner. We are very proud of him. He promised that next year he would pay more attention during practice and figure out what to do when he gets on his back!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What in the world?

I know this really isn't that big of a deal but this is what is my "Hot Topic" in my life, or "Not So Hot Topic" as my friend Susie would say! My Body Shop business, was just starting to grow and as I was planning on making extra spending money, I was just hit with a brick wall. The Body Shop at Home is CLOSING! I still can't believe it and don't know what I will do when I can't just order more body butter,,, (at a 25% discount!) I seriously, just starting having more parties and I have 2 or 3 more parties booked! Luckily I can still hold the parties and place orders until the end of April. However, my mind is not comprehending that I will not be able to sale or buy my body shop! I have been a faithful consultant since Oakley was 4 months old! FIVE YEARS I have had my body butter and body shop makeup at my easy access! The negative thoughts in my head are,,, 'I don't even want to order from them "online" if they are laying me off!' BUT yet I DO LOVE MY BODY BUTTER! I feel so betrayed but yet very thankful I didn't quit my job to stay home and work my Body Shop business full time!

I am praying I passed my Praxis test, I took on Sat because if I didn't I will only have one more chance to take it! If I don't pass it the second time I lose my SD teaching certificate and LOSE my job! I won't be a teacher in SD. This test was very hard and boy did it make me feel stupid... "ARE you smarter than a 5th grader?" I sure didn't feel smarter than a second grader while taking this test that was supposed to be "elementary level" English, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies! I am sorry but it wasn't Elem. level! I think I did very well on the Lang. Arts and did okay on the math but the science and social studies I am pretty sure kicked my butt! As Cory said, I need to stay positive and just assume I passed but I can't help but worry about my future as an educator all because of one test! As a colleague and I discussed, this test will NOT make me a better teacher! BUT, after I pass it, I will be labeled "Highly Qualified" to teach the above subjects! I am sorry, but this is NOT right! We as teachers do NOT base our students' knowledge and ability to be successful on ONE TEST! AGH! I literally prayed to God during the test,,, "LORD, I don't know this one so please guide my pencil to the right one! God, please help me guess right! GOD, PLEASE help me pass! PLEASE!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Quiz: Who is this handsome youngster?


Both of the boys learned to ride their bikes
without training wheels last summer! It was
quite amusing to watch the boys bounce out
of control down the bumpy gravel driveway.
Here is Oakley's third successful trip, well
till the end of the driveway anyway! Please
excuse my obnoxious laughing and yelling but
I just couldn't help myself!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Jett found this bullfrog this past summer! Jett
had a pretty special relationship with him! He
could get him to croak on command! It was
pretty cool!

Just after she turned 95 years old she went to be with the Lord
and her Sweetheart (GRANDPA EMIL) on VALENTINE'S DAY!
We miss you Grandma!

3 years

It has been three years since my first husband, Donnie, left us to go to be with Jesus. We miss him dearly. The anniversary was Friday March 6th. After work I stopped by the store and got Sour Patch Kids and Hot Tamales candies, which were Donnie's favorite. The boys and I enjoyed his favorite "movie snack" and watched his "Life Video." The whole experience Friday night was very different than when we've watched his video in the past. I cried but very mildly, probably because I had peace in my heart and for once the boys did not cry. They made really cool comments like, "Wow, that was Dad?" and "Look there I was when I was a baby. " OH my gosh, I can't believe how much Oakley looks like Donnie! Donnie had very dark, curly hair as an adult but blond straight hair just like Oakley's when he was young!!! Oakley's face looks just like Donnie's. I will have to post a picture so ya all know I am not crazy!

What a busy weekend!!! I really can't wait for wrestling to be over so I can just have a quiet weekend for once! Oakley wrestled at districts and got 4th! He really didn't wrestle his best but he did make it to Regionals (next weekend in Rapid City).