Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Arm workout

Easy Arms:

This is a workout I did with Cory on Valentine’s day! Yes, it was our Valentines day date! HOW SPECIAL… about 40 minutes of pure muscle burning fun! I truly LOVE pumping up my arms so it was all good!

I posted the weight I lifted to give you an idea but you may need to bump it up or down… You should be thinking, “Dang, this is HARD” on the last two reps of each set!

When you superset, you do not rest in-between the bi’s and tri’s but rest about 45 seconds before you start the next set.

Superset bi’s and tri’s =4 sets of all:

Bi’s- Seated Dumbbell curls 20lb in each hand, alternating, total of 20 reps
Tri’s- 1 arm extentions (kickbacks) 15lbs, 10 on each side

Bi’s- Straight barbell curls (45lb bar) 10 reps (I used the “fat grips” for two sets,,,wowza!)
Tri’s- close grip benchpress (45lb bar) 10-12 reps

Bi’s- Standing cable curl with bent bar- 70lbs, 12 reps
Tri’s- Tricep cable pushdown with ^ bar- 40-45lbs

The supersets make this a quick workout that’s fun to do with a partner! Just remember to have good form with your elbows “in” and no swinging… keep it tight baby! (Ya, your core, as well as your arms!!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A short leg workout

A LEG WORKOUT (Feb 21, 2012)

4 sets of 15 reps
Squats- (85lbs) do 2 sets wide stance and 2 sets narrow, get low!
(I could have done more weight but I am already sore the next day so I'm glad I did what I did!)
superset with:
Straight leg deadlift- 95lbs

4 sets: HIGH box step ups hold a 15lb dumbbell, one in each hand - do 10 reps per leg

Calves on leg press (at least 90lbs):
4 sets- of 25 reps!!! 1st- straight, 2nd- toes in, 3rd toes out, 4th- toes point straight again
(I HATE working calves... I think they are BIG enough, but trainer Justen made me- and damn, they're sore today!)

STAIRS- body weight squats Use a real set of stairs or like a rope type ladder that lies on the floor-
--Wide stance, feet on the outside of the ladder (squat LOW!)
--At the first “rung or step” do one squat, 2nd- do two squats, 3rd – do 3 squats… etc.
    Need to go to the 12th -15th “step” (We did 18 total stairs last night- turned out to be over 160 squats)