Monday, April 27, 2009

Good news for Stellan,,,

He gets to go home and see the rest of his family! He was discharged today as the medicine he is on is keeping his SVT at bay! I am so, so happy for them! I know MckMama is overjoyed,,, my goodness, who wouldn't be! They get to be a family of (of 6) again after 5 weeks of hospitalization!

CONGRATS STELLAN! and lets keep praying that his SVT stays AWAY and he doesn't get into toxic levels with the medicine!
Praise be to GOD!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you worry?

How much do you worry? I worry about little things and then other days I don't worry about some things I should!
We hear in Matthew 6:24-34 the words of Jesus saying not to worry. It is almost like Jesus is making fun of us, by saying if we worry we have little faith. Won't God take care of us? He takes care of the birds and the flowers in the field and aren't we more important!?

This was the helpful lecture we heard at church today. It was said, and I can agree from experience, "what you are most devoted to, is what you will worry about and what you worry about is what you are most devoted to!" Well, isn't that a no brainer. Like MckMama assumingly worries about her son, Stellan! Of coarse she is devoted and worried,,, he is her SON! It is so natural to play out all the scenarios and the "what ifs" and let your concern turn into full fledged worry!

As Pastor Mark put it today,,, Jesus says the solution to worry is to redirect your devotion. Does that mean Mckmama should not be devoted to her son! NO, Jesus is actually saying don't worry because God's Will is going to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven but He's NOT saying, Don't care! Do care, do all that you can to help yourself or the situation! God will be pleased with your hard work.

Isn't it so great to know, as a believer in Christ, that we are so blessed, no matter how bad it gets! God loves you and wants all the best for you! He doesn't seek out to hurt you but rather care for you, seeing that all your needs are met.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow
for tomorrow will worry about itself..."
Matthew 6:33-34
So, I think I know what MckMama worries about,,, Stellan and her other three children and husband back home! BUT, what do you worry about?
here is my guess for our family...
ME- (ah, this could be a long list, but remember I said, sometimes I don't worry enough! (I should be worried about getting enough sleep but I guess I am not!)
I need two categories-
Things I SHOULD be worried about:
*worshiping the Lord, reading my bible and being more pleasing to God in everything I do! getting stuff done at work: grades entered, Parent/teacher conferences, curr. maps, you name it, I got a lot to do!
*getting enough sleep
*keep from getting sick
Things I AM worried about:
*selling the camper
*having enough money to do the things we want to do
*how I will handle things if our money gets tighter
*my boys health and safety, who doesn't worry about their children, HEY MOM, does that ever get better? You don't still worry about me do you!?
*People I would LOVE to see get saved by accepting Jesus, number 1. My dad!
*My own health- sometimes I worry if I were to die soon and sudden, my poor boys would have the awful story of how they lost their dad and mom, while they were still in elementary school!
*Cory, at his job, especially when he is gone, out town on a fire or burning!
* Sadie, my old dog, who is getting old and sick
Cory worries about- cleanliness, following guidelines, eating, working out, being on time, work related things,
(I honestly don't know what else he worries about, I guess we don't have good "worry" communication!)
Jett worries about-dinosaurs, wild animals, playing outside, watching animal shows on Nat Geo or Animal Planet, getting to do what he wants, eating- specially snacks and as "tough" as he seems I know deep down he has a soft side that worries about his family.
Oakley- he worries about getting what he wants= the answers, the toy, the food, the gum and everything else he "wants" I also know he sometimes worries about mommy (he is my mama's boy!) And honestly I don't think he worries about anything else. He is pretty laid back and doesn't yet know he is "supposed" to worry! Which is good to a point!
So, tell me, what do you worry about?

Friday, April 24, 2009

I am so exhausted but just not going to sleep before 11 every night!
I have been following Stellan's story (the super cute, little baby with a racing heart!) through his mom, MckMama's blog and twitters (texts to my cell phone!) I have greatly enjoyed reading about and praying for Stellan and his family but I am starting to think it is getting to be "too much" for me! I mean, seriously, I don't even know this lady! I feel like I am on the roller coaster with her. I DO LOVE reading her blogs! That woman is TALENTED! She can write and take pictures like no other! She shares her love and faith for the Lord in every blog and it can be so encouraging. However, I think for my sanity I need to take a break! I am going to say, NO COMPUTER for the rest of the weekend! Oh that sounds torturous so maybe I will just shoot for Sat!
I haven't really done anything on my "to do" list!
OH, the last one,,,,
I can do that right now,,, as I am litereally falling asleep!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bitter sweet!!

Today was my VERY last Body Shop (at Home) party! I know this my opportunity to SLOW down but it will just take some time getting use to since I have been selling the Body Shop for over 5 years! I do think God has other plans for the little things in my life and he is teaching me to "go with the flow!"

HUM,,, Goals!
Summer plans???
Here's what I think,

  1. I think I should focus on selling my camper!
  2. I should get outside and put some sweat labor into my "yard"
  3. I should brainstorm something NICE for my neighbors,,, specially the girls who always babysit for me, even last minute. The girls are a Godsend!
  4. I should get my curriculum map done at work and speaking of *important things* I need to get my horse trailer licenced!
  5. I should buy hog panels, build some little pens and get a pygmy goat! (Maybe Jett can show her in 4-H!) and someday I want chickens, ducks and maybe a rabbit or two!
  6. I should have a scrapbooking "girls night!" ASAP!
  7. I should go to Ft Collins to visit the Frenchies! ASAP!
  8. I should take my boys and husband to Yellowstone National Park in June!
  9. I should do something special for my husband when he gets home from MT (late anniversary thing!) Even though I just did a "No kid, home candlelit dinner" last Monday!
  10. I should finish Blue Like Jazz and give it back to Wendy!
  11. I should go to Sheridan to visit Amy ASAP!
  12. I should work at one of the Rec Centers this summer to get paid to workout!


This is my friend, Tina, and her new baby girl! They waited over 2 years for her their adoption story to become reality! We are just so excited for them and we know Baby Grace is COMPLETELY blessed by God to be given such an amazing family! I haven't even got to see her yet but I would have to say that I'm so in love with this little Korean beauty! Oh and SHE is making me want to have a baby GIRL of my own! Since Cory, isn't too keen on the "baby" idea I guess I will just have to go love on Grace and a few other baby girls I know around town!,,, haha~
Congratulations Tina, Terry, Bailey and Amanda on your precious baby girl!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Praise God!!!

Great news! GOD passed my Praxis test! Yes, I do think God had His hand in it! He is showing me that He has me just where He wants me! AND some more great news is, everything is in-line to start my application process for a 5 year teaching certification for the state of South Dakota! And the even better news is that my certificate will be the same as I had in WY,,, I will be certified to teach Special Education K-12 and regular Ed. K-8! This makes me very employable and covers what I am teaching right now! I just feel SSSOOOO BLESSED!
Remember I said I literally prayed to God throughout the whole test. On each one that I didn't know I asked God to lead my pencil to the right "bubble." The test results were broken down and it showed that I passed 16-18 more than I thought on the Science and Social Studies sections. I think it was about 18 times I had to stop and pray to God because I really didn't know which one to pick. I don't think it is a coincidence I just think I wasn't alone!

Here is another lesson I learned,,, I had TRUE faith in Christ that he would carry me through it even if I didn't pass this time. I was prepared to study and retake this test, if I needed to... I was prepared to pass the PRAXIS test and God's test! God is pleased that I put all my trust in Him, which is hard for me sometimes! I hear God saying, "Well done, Good and Faithful Stacey" and I am sure more responsibilities are coming, with being able to teach these troubled kids again next year!

THANK YOU LORD GOD, for showing me YOU can do BIG THINGS with lil' ol' ME!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Mom Delivers!

The boys were pretty happy to see a basket full of goodies and toys! After a little reminder discussion that the Easter bunny was that guy in the suit at the soccer field, they quickly figured out it must have been the "Easter Mom" who delivered the basket of goodies!!!

Here they are looking for the new sea monkeys. However, they didn't find any!!! (We can't put the sea monkey eggs in until tomorrow! heehee!)


So Saturday morning we visited a few more friends and then headed to the Easter Egg hunt! I made Jett "hunt" with Oakley because I didn't want them on different fields with about 200 people total running around the soccer fields! They got to see the Easter Bunny too! Jett was so cute. He said, he knew the Easter bunny was some guy in a suit but he really wanted his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. So, then I asked him what Easter was really about and he said, "I know, mom, it is about Jesus but can I just get my picture taken with that Easter Bunny?" TOO CUTE!

Our Fast and Furious Visiting Escapade

Cory left for MT Wednesday night. The boys and I did not have school on Friday so we took off for "G town." I got in touch with several of our ol' buddies to warn them we were coming. I am happy to say, that amazingly we saw eleven familes in about twenty-four hours and I only missed getting to see one friend who I really wanted to see!!! (I promise, next time we will come see you first Pam! )
After visiting my very busy, best-friend, Jill and her family we headed to the motel, where four families stopped by to visit and swim! It looked like a boys birthday party,,, as there were about eight boys swimming for three hours! We ordered pizza and just had a great time! Jane, our old babysitter and her husband came to visit and brought us water-wings and beach balls! We ordered pizza and just had a great time! Jett and Oakley thought it was the best night ever! As the boys were getting ready for bed they agreed I should get the "nicest mom" title! (But you know I lost the title the next day when I required them to follow directions on first request. HAHA!!!)

CHECK IT OUT! Here are the boys zonked out after three hours of hard swimming!
They were tuckered out, that's for sure!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My handyman!

Check out the handles he is putting on my cupboards! I LOVE MY SEXY lil' handyman!

This is the page I finished last snow storm! I am doing the months with each mini calendar! This was July of 08! AH, summer! It looks SO HOT and NICE! I really can't wait for nice weather! Well, all three of my boys are napping so I better take advantage of that and get some more scrapbooking done!

3rd BAD SNOW in 13 days!

Check out the "mini" trampoline in the front and the back deck!


All I have to say is MORE SNOW! YEP, MORE SNOW!!! So, the good news is that it is Saturday and so I am not having to take another "snowday" for work!
The bad news is Cory tried to get to town but he had turn around when he saw the neighbors stuck on the "big hill." More bad news,,, Cory gets to shovel more and I get to bake and EAT MORE!

Cory is putting my hardware on my cupboards! It is really changing the look in the kitchen! IT is so cool! AND I am GOING TO SCRAPBOOK ALL AFTERNOON!