Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, long story short. The horse Stacey brought over for me to ride is headed home tomorrow because he hurt his leg. I have NO CLUE what he did but he started limping Tuesday and by yesterday he was not wanting to put any weight on it. I got bute (horsie pain killer/anti-inflam) and wrapped it. So, four days after the first signs of his lame leg he started swelling up today and looking like something more serious could be wrong. Therefore, the Thars are coming to get him tomorrow! I know I didn't do anything to cause this and it isn't my fault but nonetheless I feel awful!!! I think I should have taken him to the Vet yesterday but Stacey's husband said to wait and see if he gets better. I just need prayer that he will be okay and so will my sad heart!

Next, I am bummed about my old Sadie, I know the time is getting close! I was going to put her down this week but I just couldn't do it! I've cried while petting her a lot the last few days! I think I will be okay if she goes naturally but I just can't "kill" my dog!

NEED Pray for my heart for my animals!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who loves horses? how 'bout free horses!?

THANKS to Stacey Thar (and her family) for bringing us horses to borrow/try out for the rest of the summer!

Stacey and Oakley on Tell!

The boys on Pecos!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Jett's, Blakeman Cousin, Stephanie left me a response that reminded me how many things poor Donnie had going on... Donnie really had a lot health stuff... it seemed like one thing after another. I just hope Jett isn't trying to follow in his father's footsteps, when it comes to health issues! I still keep thinking it could be worse so we are OKAY! So, Jett had to get glasses (so what, lots of kids have glasses) he has to get a little surgery on his testicles,,, (so what! this Dr has done over 1000 of those surgeries on young men) and to what extent he may have inherited his father's heart condition,,, we don't know yet. So now,,, I pray Jett doesn't inherit anymore of Donnie's issues: Poor Donnie had gout in his left foot (really bad!), he had a deviated septum in his nose which required a "nose job." Donnie had AWFUL wisdom teeth that required him to have a 2 hour surgery and then lots of complications after the teeth were removed! Donnie had minor spinal bifida which resulted in a back injury and MAJOR back pain from age 22 on... It's no wonder poor Buzz had a little addiction problem to cover up all the pain!
My prayer is that, all the boys will inherit from Donnie will be his fun loving attitude, his ability to LOVE more than any body I know and his love for Jesus! (I miss him but after reading this I am glad he is in heaven,,, pain FREE!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

poor Jett gets some more,,,

Another Dr. appt and not great news (again). Jett went to Dr. Butz (urologist) today and the good news was,,, it is NOT life threatening!!
Jett has a surgery scheduled for Monday July 27th in Rapid to get his left testicle to drop down. It is important to do this, or it might not be viable. We will have to consult with the cardiologist prior to the surgery! Poor little boy is pretty nervous about the surgery. He is also "feeling more" arrhythmia's lately but that might be because we have been talking about his heart stuff after going to the heart Dr. just two days ago!
We prayed tonight for God to put all our minds at ease that He will take care of little Jett in every way! GOD IS GOOD, and GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dr. Spangler visit

Dr. Spangler is our new Ped-cardiologist in Rapid. Our last one, Dr Washington, from Denver retired and as luck would have it, Dr. Spangler is working towards retirement as well! AGH! anyway, he seemed to take Jett's Arrhythmia a little more seriously probably because he KNOWS the Blakeman family heart history and seems to be a little more cautious. Anyway, after the echo and EKG Dr. Spangler has a few little findings to discuss with me. He said the arrhythmia is probably a "sick SA node" just like his dad had... and is nothing to worry about at this time. He found: low heart rate (down to 50-60bpm), low blood pressure in the left lung and a hole (and I forgot where he said it was) somewhere in the heart that was slightly larger than it should be. Anyway, he said with all of these little findings and Jett's 50/50 chance of genetically having IHSS,,, he probably does. IHSS is a thickening of a muscle in the heart and can be very fatal, but doesn't start showing up until the teen years. Anyway, Dr Spangler said, treat him like a normal little kid who can run and play with the wild bunch but NO weightlifting, wrestling or football! SO, I think we can handle that.
Worse case, is later in life he will need a pacemaker-defibrillator (which can be a total pain and very uncomfortable when they shock your heart on accident!) So,,, I will pray everyday, that God will just take care of his little heart as it grows and keep that worse case senario from happening! But, as we know, from other's who have little heart babies, it is all God's Will and we will all be okay with the strength of the Lord, no matter what happens!

OH and if you were wondering, Oakley was not seen by Dr. Spangler this year, but will need a heart check next summer. So far Oakley doesn't have any arrhythmias or concerns. Praise God!