Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arm workout- focusing on the biceps!

The last post was focusing on a Tricep workout so 4 days later I did this workout focusing on my Biceps!  YES,,, they too were sore. Therefore, I pretty much had sore arms ALL WEEK! Which was AWESOME!

pumped up after
this workout!
Warmup- (lower weight, more reps)
Cable bicep curl 30 reps, (30 lbs)

WORKOUT: 5x through (drop your weight the last two sets if you need to)
no rest between exercises but take a 60-90 second rest between sets!  The timing and order of this workout matters!

1) Alternating Bicep DumbBells hammer curls- 20 reps (25lb DBs)
2) Tricep DB overhead extension 15 reps- (25lb DB)
3) Supine cable curls (flat on your back- get full range of motion) 15 reps (50lbs)
4) Bicep Rope cable curl 10 reps 40 lbs) BURN BABBBYYYYY!~

Tri this one!!

This was a short but awesome Tricep workout I did a few weeks ago.
I was so sore for three days after (which seldom happens!)

I love my (big) arms!
warm up- (lighter weight, more reps!)
1 set all with 15lb Dumbbells:
DumbBell alternating hammer curls- 30 total reps (15lbs)
Shoulder shrugs- 20 reps (15lb DBs)
DB standing Tricep extension- 20 reps (15lb DB)

Triple set- 4x through: (decrease the weight the last two sets if need be,,, I had to)
I will post the weight I lifted but remember to adjust yours so you are thinking "holy cow!"  on the last rep of each set)
1) Bicep cable curl: 10-12 reps (70lbs)
2) Cable- reverse grip TRICEP pushdown 15reps- (50lbs)
   (NO REST- move right into the:)
3) Cable Rope Tricep pushdown 10 reps, (40lbs) FEEL THE BURN BABY!!!

Superset- 3x through:
1) weighted dips 20 reps, (10 slow, 10 fast) 25lb plate on lap
2) seated reverse grip pullups- bodyweight (focus on pulling yourself up with bicep) 10-15 reps
demo video-

END with a 3 minute (25lb) "Plate Burn" alternate between bicep curl, tricep extension behind head and overhead press... without stopping for 3 minutes)

ENJOY the sore TRI's for the next few days! AND--- if they are not sore you need to up your weight!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Salad Dressing Recipes

Sweet garlic- oil and vinegar dressing (fromTina):
Combine in a shaker:
¼ C. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 T. Apple cider vinegar
Dash of garlic powder or I like a generous shake of garlic pepper
2 packets of Truvia or Stevia.

Shake well… ENJOY!

Home-Made Creamy French dressing: (modified from recipe in Oxygen Mag)
Blend all ingredients in blender:

¼ Tomato paste and  about ¼ water OR--- ½ C tomato sauce
¼ Fat Free plain Greek Yogurt
½ tsp garlic powder
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
1 tsp lemon juice
1 T Olive oil
1 T Red wine vinegar
1 tsp Dijon mustard
¼ tsp dried thyme
Dash of sea salt

If it is too thick just add water to reach desired consistency. 

  Both of these should be kept in the fridge. Just set them out about 20 minutes before you are ready to use them and the oil will come to room temp and be “shakable!”

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sore arms anyone!?!?!

I spend an hour a week specifically lifting arms plus some extra arms with my "garage" workouts and yoga stuff.  Yes, my "long-term" goal is to grow my arms and have the right bicep catch up to the left.  Therefore, my "short-term"goal is to get sore arms after my arm workouts!  This is sometimes a challenge as my arms are getting used to just about every variation.  I've really had fun making up new workouts to change it up.  I've also been able to up my weight some which with smaller muscles like the biceps and triceps, it's a challenge!
This particular workout I did a Triple set of Bi's "supersetted" with a Triple set of Tri's for three rounds and then one more bi and tri "supersetted" for three sets! It was fairly quick and the best news.... I was SUPER SORE the next morning (less than 24 hours),,, which that is really good because I usually don't get sore in the arms for 36-48 hours, if at all!
Remember I post the weight I lift but you may need to increase or decrease your loads.  Just keep it hard enough that you are thinking, "holy heck!" and still keeping good form!
 Here's the workout:
DO #1-6 with NO rest,,, repeat 3x
BICEP Triple Set
1. Wide grip cable curls 10 reps/60lbs
2. Dumbell alternating hammer curls 25lbs- 8 reps rest 10 secs, 8 more reps
3. Supine (lying flat on your back) cable curls 50lbs- 12reps
TRICEP Triple Set
4. Tri cable push down with short straight bar 60lbs- 10 reps
5. Seated (Chair) Tri- cable extension 40lbs- 10 reps
6. DB (double- both arms at once) bent over kickbacks (bend at waist, 90degree bend, press head up against something soft to brace yourself) 8lb dumbbells- 10 reps
"21's Burn set" repeat 3x
Straightbar bicep curl, 35lb bar, 7 top half, 7 bottom half, 7 full reps
Skull crushers with 15- 20lbs Chains (or use a dumbbell if you don't have a chain) 7 bottom, 7 top, 7 full reps.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got your tickets to the Gun show??

"Got your tickets to the gun show?" was Cory's saying when we were dating and he wanted to impress me!  (It worked, he's my inspiration!)

 I am so left handed dominant that my left arm has ALWAYS been way bigger than my right... to the point where you can obviously notice it!  when I see a picture like this it bugs me so much!  To me, it looks like two different people's arms!!! how weird!

April 2012

SSSoooo, Trainer Cory said I need to start doing more DB's to get my biceps more evened out!  It's been two months with the goal of getting my right arm caught up and ya,,, really no luck but I've been having fun "getting big arms!"
(left) May 2012

I guess I need to research getting a more symmetrical body! any ideas???

(right) July 2012
look, I got a new gym bag!! hhaaa!!! THANKS Cory! 

here's Oakley, my lean mean muscle machine after a 10 sets of 10 bi and tri workout with mommy!!    

Time for a leg workout!

Progress is slow but I am pretty pleased that I am able to keep adding more weight to my lifts and (very slowly) I am feeling stronger and stronger!  So my words of wisdom today are,,, "Add more weight!"  If it is "kinda easy" you definitely need to add some more weight!  I think that's one problem woman have is being afraid to put some weight on the bar!  No offense to anyone but ya know those gals you see lifting the 5 pound weights everyday in the gym?? They have so much more potential they haven't tapped into yet!  Here's how...
(Warning::: I was very sore after this leg workout!)

(Pyramid) LOW Squats on the smith machine: Warm-up set do 15-20 reps with 60lbs. 
THEN,100lbs, do six sets total with 30-60 second rest between sets-  3reps, 4reps, 5reps, 5reps, 4reps, 3reps.  (hints: feet forward, let the bar roll down your back between your shoulder blades just a little so it is NOT resting right on your neck, lean back into the bar just a bit and you should be able to get a really low drop.  As soon as you come to the bottom, power up using the back side of the legs.  Don't stall out at the bottom!)

Superset for three sets:
   Front/ back lunges holding 15lb Dumbbells 10 left leg, then 10 right leg
   10 Squats using the 45lb straight bar with 25lb DB's hanging from each end of the bar with the thick "elite fitness band" These DB's are hanging down about a foot from the bar and they do sway if you are not stable.  I love this one because you really have to hold your core tight and be slow and controlled. 
 The dumbbells hanging from the long straight bar.

A closer look of how to hang the DB! be sure to make both sides look identical or you will be extremely lop-sided!

Superset for four sets:
   Leg extension machine 50-70lbs- 12 reps!(point the toes up! This really works the vastus medialis (inside) and lateralis (outside) right above the knee)
  Squat Pumps holding a 15lb DB for 30 seconds. "pump it" up and down!  You don't have to go real low but keep your butt back, don't let your toes go over your knees and put just a little weight on your toes.  I know this is "bad form" for a regular squat but think about focusing on your quads,,, it's like a "burn" after the leg extension machine! (thanks Tina and Justen for this one!)

Smith machine deadlift 3 sets:
50lbs -standing on a step, feet close together, 15 reps, keep your head up and power up through your glutes and hamstrings!  You could go heavier and less reps if you want to keep with the "heavy leg day."  But, by the time I get to the end of this workout my legs are really crying out to ease up so I listen to my body!

You should be pretty sore after this one so you might want to stretch out good after this workout!
Let me know if you need me to post some pictures, I would be happy to do that next week!
Now go "lift heavy" girls!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

what do you eat for breakfast???

PLEASE,,, Someone,,, please make this breakfast and tell me you like it!  I love this breakfast so much, I swear I've had it everyday for over a year.  But, every time I make it for someone else they don't love it!  Geez, my bestie, Melissa, wouldn't even taste it!   So, if you make it please let me know what you think!  If you don't love it, that's okay,,, more for me!
I came up with this breakfast because I wanted less dishes... I was making my eggs and oatmeal in two separate pans.  I thought I could combine them and make it a "sweet breakfast"  (I have such a sweet tooth!)
3 egg whites
1 C water
3 or 4 teasp. Ideal brown sugar or Truvia sugar
1/2 C Old fashioned Oats
a little vanilla extract
a little almond extract
(if you hate almond, it won't hurt my feelins if ya cut this out, although, I think that's what makes it uniquely yummy!)
1/2 scoop of vanilla protein
dash of cinnamon (optional)

Spray a small pan.  Over medium heat fry the the egg whites with the extracts.  I like to "chop" the egg whites into small pieces as they cook. 
Add the water and oatmeal. stir and cook until the oatmeal is done (add a little more water if necessary). 
Stir in the protein powder, "Sugar" and throw a dash of cinnamon on top. 
At this point I usually turn off the burner and let it set as I get the kids breakfast ready.
Let me know what you think!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Protein brownies

preheat oven to 350 degrees.

4 egg whites
7-8 oz. berry babyfood (I use stage 2 Gerber Apple Blueberry)
1/2C oat flour
3 teasp. unsweetened cocoa or 2 cap fulls of chocolate extract (Watkins)
2 cap fulls of vanilla extract
1/4 cup Ideal brown sugar (or Truvia- maybe a little less)
2 teasp. baking powder
1/3C water
4 scoops Chocolate VCore protein from Complete Nutrition (or any whey protein)

In a large mixing bowl combine: egg whites, babyfood, extracts, water and sugar substitute.  Then mix in the protein powder until all of the lumps are smooth, next add the oat flour and last the baking powder.
Spray an 8x8 square baking dish ( I use a glass baking dish.)
bake at 350 for 25minutes (give or take 5 minutes, until the center is done.)

These must be stored in the fridge.  So, after they are mostly cool, I cut them into 9 pieces and individually wrap them with plastic wrap and store them in the fridge or freezer.  I hope you enjoy these as much as our family does.  When I have one the next day, I like to warm it in the microwave for a bit and put a little natural chunky peanut butter on top... but I'm a PB lover!  My husband prefers them plain because he doesn't like them too sweet or rich!

Oh and by the way, I found a recipe similar on the Internet about a year ago (sorry, don't know where to give someone credit!)  but I've tweaked the recipe several times until they are "prefect!"  That's why I put name brands of the ingredients to be more specific.  I noticed when I used substitutions (like different protein powder) they did not turn out as good.

Makes 9 servings
per serving:
Calories: 95
Protein: 11g
Fat: 1g
Carbs: 8g

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How do you test success?

Here's my two cents on body numbers...
I am not going to say Body Mass Index (BMI) is a useless number. However, BMI is nothing more than a height and weight ratio type calculation. It doesn't take into consideration the body fat percentage or muscle mass.  For  example, if you are short and lean, with a considerable amount of muscle, your BMI will show you're obese.  Likewise, if you are really tall, with little muscle mass, and a beer belly, your BMI might be 'ideal'.
Now, with that being said I believe the BMI has it's place,,, like in the Dr's office.  When a physician notices their patient is overweight, he or she can then figure their BMI to give them a number that tells them they are overweight!  A higher BMI can put you at risk for obesity related health issues.  If a Dr. is trying to help a patient to be proactive and lose weight for health reasons, the BMI number would be very helpful to monitor their progress. 
AGAIN the BMI is just a height to weight ratio.  If you'd like to figure it go right ahead, it's not a bad thing to know.
 Here's the formula for BMI:
English Units: BMI = Weight (lb) / (Height (in) x Height (in)) x 703

Now, here's what's interesting... and proves my above point! Check this chart out!

  The CDC provides the following ranges for BMI values for adults:

Underweight Less than 18.5
Recommended 18.6 to 24.9
Overweight 25.0 to 29.9
Obese 30 or greater

My BMI is 25,,, yes, I am overweight!  Now, don't you think if that were true my Mr. Fitness husband would have me on a strict celery only diet!?!? 
I believe the mirror, and a skinfold caliper body fat test are the way to go!  Now, let me caution you that the body fat calipers can have a huge margin for error!  Now I said CAN, because you really just need to go to someone who does this A LOT and knows what he's doing!  I would also have them take several different measurements,,, 5-8 places on your body and each spot twice... or a third time if there are discrepencies. 

Currently my body fat % with calipers is 16%.
So check out this chart!

The American Council on Exercise provides the following ranges for body-fat percentage:
Essential fat
woman 10-12%
men      2-4%

woman 14-20%
men      6-13%

woman 21-24%
men     14-17%

woman  25-31%
men      18-25%

woman 32% +
men     26% +
(These facts/charts come from a trusted source,

So, am I overweight or athletic???  Good question.  I feel like I'm right where I want to be.  I don't want to be any lower body fat% wise because last summer when I was 12% I lost my period for three months!   Okay enough said, I think Body Fat % is more accurate than BMI.
However, there is another measurement of body fat that I have experienced. It is with the x-ray body composition scan machine at my Dr's office.  This scan, like the BMI, is probably used more by Dr's.  They can find out if their patients are carrying too much fat around their organs; which is a huge health risk.  This scan puts my number about 4% higher than calipers (it shows the fat on the inside of your body too).   I  like this scan because it gives you the lean mass amount in grams per limb!  This is a great way to see your muscle growth and of course fat loss too!   The progress from one scan to the next is very noticeable with numbers: body fat %,  grams of lean mass and grams of fat mass!  I would have to say this scan is pretty accurate.  The downfall is the price.  It is ranges from $30-$50 per scan! 
While we are on the topic of money, the upside to the caliper is most gyms will do it for free if you are have a membership, or they usually only charge $5-$15.  
The cheapest way to see if you are making progress in reducing fat is the mirror! 
However, do not rely on the scale to determine your success.  My personal example demonstrates this!  This winter I lifted hard and ate to gain muscle.   All winter and this spring I gained 7 pounds but went down from 20% body fat to 16%.  So, if you know you are working out hard and eating clean don't worry about the scale!   Go get your body fat% done and you will know where you are "really" at!!! 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chest, tri's and shoulder workout

I am sssooooo SORE from this Friday's workout... so I thought I would share!  ENJOY!

CHEST, TRI's and SHOULDER's (scrambled!)
3 sets of 10 reps- Bench press 45 lb straight long bar add enough weight that the 10th rep you are thinking you shoulda had a spotter!  haha! (last set, last rep, I wasn't laughing!)
SUPERSETTED with 3 sets of 15 "tricep" pushups (elbows in)

4 sets of 10 reps- single arm clean and press with a dumbbell.  don't switch arms, do all ten with one arm, then 10 on the other arm (every set go up in weight by 5 pounds)

4 sets of Weighted Dips (25lb plate on lap) 15 very slow and concentrated and then finish with 5 fast burn reps!
SUPERSETTED with: 4 sets of 10 per side: Standing lateral cable flyes

3 sets of 10 reps-Anterior delt flyes/raises
SUPERSETTED with 3 sets of 12 Tricep cable pushdowns (Very slow and concentrated!)


I'm not a rocket scientist!

When it comes to the topic of weight loss, I realize everyBODY is different and what works for some does not work for others!

I totally understand losing weight is not easy!  Everyone's body is different.  And then you have to take into consideration outside factors such as metabolism, medical conditions, medications, stress, environment, what you're eating, when you eat, what you're not eating macronutient percentages, and even water intake.  Not to mention your genetics plays a huge role in losing fat.   
I think the human body is a very intricate machine and there's LOTS of hard to understand science behind how the body gains and loses fat and muscle.
However, I'm going to say this even though I will have some who want to argue this point... "WEIGHT LOSS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE",,, okay maybe it is, but we don't have to make it so difficult!
It is very simple... Diet and exercise! If you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you need to sustain your body.  It's the simple math of input/output!  The bigger the person you are the more calories your body needs to maintain itself with proper body function etc.  For example, I don't need to consume as many calories as my "big man" of a husband!  
First, you need to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate which is what your body needs to maintain itself on a daily basis (if you did NOTHING all day).  Use this formula:
A Woman's Basal Metabolic rate (BMR) = 655 + (4.35 x Weight) + (4.7 x Height in Inches) - (4.7 x Age in yrs)
A Man's BMR = 66 + (6.23 x W) + (12.7 x H) - (6.8 x A)
So when you get your BMR that is the number of calories you need to maintain if you do nothing at all!  Which is surely NOT the case! 
(My BMR is 1,186! ohhh, that's not very many daily calories!)

So finish with the Harris Benedict Formula:

To determine your total daily calorie needs, multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor. (see below):
•If you are sedentary (little or no exercise) :  BMR x 1.2
•If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week) :  BMR x 1.375
•If you are moderately active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : BMR x 1.55
•If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : BMR x 1.725
•If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : BMR x 1.9
For the record I said I was moderately active and that bumps me up to 1839!  That's more like it!
So now if you decrease your calories and/or add in exercise (or keep exercising if you already are) you are going to create a caloric deficit.  Obviously, you can do both, decrease calories and add exercise, for a more effective weight loss plan.
To decrease calories just subtract 200-600 calories daily to force your body to start using it's reserve fat stores.  To me, this is the tricky part!!!  Most people think "more is better."  For example, "if I drop my calories by 1000 I should lose weight really fast!"  That may be true but that's also called a "Crash Diet" and weight doesn't stay off with "Crash Diets"( Amanda Adams- crash diets )Here's another point for some of you to argue... I believe if you go too low your body goes into  "Starvation Mode" and it will slow down your metabolic rate therefore slowing down your progress!  However, you would eventually lose weight if you continue to starve yourself to death,,, literally! Furthermore, as soon as you start eating again you will gain it back, and probably some extra because your body is smart and it wants some reserve if you decide to starve it again! 

Losing weight may become a process of trial and error, but it is not Rocket Science and I know this because I've figured it out with my own body and I'm not a Rocket Scientist!  Even though it's not rocket science I might add, you do need to have a bit of knowledge of how to count calories.  I use  to help me keep track of my calories and macros.  
AND  just for the record, I can lose weight by keeping my calories between 1200-1400. 
Oh and one other thing you need::: DETERMINATION to stay on track and NOT CHEAT!
For more reading
check out this article about how to get certain body parts leaned down!  Again, you might be surprised but it's NOT rocket science! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday cooking class! hahaa!

Last week I was asked, “How do you cook for your family and still eat healthy?”

If my husband were to answer that question he would probably say I don’t cook for the family. Haa! I do,,, just not every night!! My poor, deprived family has learned to accept leftovers, that is if they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat anything. Honestly, they would all eat grilled chicken, broccoli and quinoa with me every night. Therefore, a little variety and leftovers is actually a good thing!

Here’s how it works… Sunday afternoon is our cooking time. This is when I prepare my food for the week and also make a big dinner for the family. I also use this time to prepare different parts of different meals for the family so some of the leg work is done. I also sometimes make a meal that I can eat with them, for example, Lasagna… I will post about Lasagna another day!

First, for my meals I grilled 12-16 four oz. pieces of chicken breasts. I steam up about three cups of broccoli and one bunch of asparagus. I also cook up my quinoa and a few big sweet potatoes. What an accomplished feeling when four or five lunches are already in the fridge Sunday afternoon, ready to grab every morning. After I pack my lunches there’s always leftovers of these foods that Cory eats and also the kids will eat too! Oh and I have a bag of lettuce and a bag of spinach on hand for chicken salads (usually for dinners).
Here's two of my four lunches!

Here’s another idea... get your husband to cook a meal!  I prepare things on Sunday, for Cory to do while I’m at the gym on Tuesday night. I dice up three chicken breasts, put then in a baggie with a drizzle of olive oil and garlic pepper seasoning. I label the bag of chicken “#1 for Tuesday’s soup.” Then, I cut up veggies for the soup. I mix the veggies and seasoning in another baggie labeled “Soup- Tues #2” These baggies go in the fridge, ready for Tuesday. Then Tuesday morning I set the large pot on the stove and a big can of chicken broth on the counter and draw a big #3 on it. I label a small bag of dry cheese tortellinis #4 and set them on the counter next to the broth before I leave for work. Then before I head to the gym that afternoon I text Cory this:

Hey babe,,, Ur makin ur fav 4 step- soup! Find two baggies in fridge labeled #1 & #2. Every 5 mins put next # in pot! Pasta needs to cook 10+ mins. ENJOY!

This week my boys will also be eating barbeque chicken legs, their favorite. I grilled them up Sunday with my chicken breasts and they are very happy to be eating “their chicken” with broccoli, Bush's baked beans, and rice or sweet potatoes.

So, to recap, the soup and the chicken make four dinners and then they are allowed to “Scrounge” a couple of nights. Cory hates this because I allow the boys to eat TV dinners, or $.89 Chicken Pot Pies, but hey, look how healthy they ate the rest of the week! The best part is I am eating healthy, have time to go to the gym in the evenings and I’m still TOTALLY SANE!!! Well, there again, my husband might argue that point, but oh well, who asked him!?! LOL!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kids Cookie dough balls

My kids absolutely LOVE these "cookies"

1 package of graham crackers
3 T. honey
1 T. melted coconut oil
1 C. peanut butter
1 scoop of protein powder (I use the plain with no added "stuff") Add  more or less for the right consistency to make thick "dough" to be able to roll into balls. However, if it gets too thick and dry they won't stick together!

optional add ins: crasins, raisins, unsalted sunflower seeds or mini chocolate chips, etc

Blend the graham crackers and protein powder in the food processor until a fine powder
Add the peanut butter, oil and honey and blend well
Then I transfer it into a mixing bowl and stir in my "add in's" with a fork.  I like the dried cranberries because they add color! heehee!
Roll the dough into small balls, wrap in plastic wrap and keep them in the freezer or fridge.

Note to the moms who don't want to gain weight:  These are called "Kids" Cookie Dough Balls for a reason.  Oakley calls them his "Gainer's!"   They are a tasty, addicting treat that are way too high in fat, calories and carbs!!  I have to chew a fresh piece of gum when I start rolling them into balls to keep me from nibbling! 

TNation's "Garage workout"

This is my workout today since I took the day off yesterday! Try it!  It's awesome,,, legs and shoulders and CARDIO!!!!  Do it for time.  Then do it again next weekend and try to beat your time!

Reps: 10 per exercise per circuit
Circuits: 6
Rest: 0

1 Jump Squat

2 Hand Walkout – from knees or toes

3 Single-Leg Deadlift – arms out to sides  (10 per side)

4 Push-Up – clap (I actually did assisted pullups instead)

5 Rope Jumping or Jumping Jack

6 Reverse Lunge – twist (10 per side)

7 Pike Push-Up

8 Squat Thrust (this is a burpee without the pushup part! Although, I DID do the push up! LOVE these!)

I ended up resting about 20-30 seconds before I started each round.  It took me 32 minutes~ That seemed SLOW and like it took me forever but I know I got all 600 reps!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

You Need Rest

"During the hard training phase never be afraid to take a day off. If your legs are feeling unduly stiff and sore, rest; if you are at all sluggish, rest; in fact, if in doubt, rest."

-Bruce Fordyce

I was recently asked to share my workout schedule for a normal week... Well, nothing about me is normal.  I try really hard to stick to my schedule but just when things start going smoothly, I get slapped in the face with the reality of "mommy hood."  The next thing I know, my schedule starts to revolve around orthodontist appointments, parent-teacher conferences and calls from the daycare to come get my sick kid.  Oh and did I mention that sometimes my husband is working late or out of town, and then I have to pick up kids, and try to get my workout in after they go to bed!?  My point is,,, as a mother and a wife there is no such thing as a set schedule.  I am very blessed to be able to take my kids to the gym (where Jett and Oakley usually workout along side Cory or myself).  Cory also just changed his gym schedule to Mon, Wed, Fri. which gives me more days!  Isn't that awesome of him?
Anyway,,, on a smooth week (with no appointments) this is how it goes...
Monday- Cardio-
 30 minutes high intensity intervals (either the stairstepper, recumbent bike or elliptical) and 20 minute ab routine that is also a little cardio because it's non-stop

Tuesday-  Leg day
 with my friend Tina and our good friend, Justen.  He trains us on (heavy) legs which has been awesome! THANKS Justen!

Wednesday- is a cardio day,
 usually 45 minutes of medium intensity to get my sweat on.  Generally this is my stationary spin bike, Cory's mountain bike outside or a run/walk.  One of the best cardio days like this is when Tina and I take our "big loop" around town with hills. Mostly we speed walk but some running too (always run up the hills) and then sometimes a medium sprint to the end of the block a few times!

Thursday is upper body= Back, Bi's and Tri's!

Lately it seems like I've been changing up my upper body workout/splits every week.  Some weeks I've been able to use Wednesday as another upper body and then we either split it one of two ways: 1) bi's and tri's Wed and Thursday is back, shoulders, chest OR,,,2) a "Pull" day is- bi's and back  and then a "Push" day is -Tri's, Chest, Shoulders!    Okay, back to the regular plan if I only do cardio on Wednesday, its all upper body on Thursday. I do bi's, tri's and back and sometimes abs!  This is a longer night at the gym, at least an hour and a half!  This is the night that Cory and the kids eat without me.  About every other Thursday I usually stay for some cardio too (while Jett's at Cub Scouts!)

Friday- High Intensity Cardio- 30 minutes, then shoulders and abs
Usually I do 10 minutes on the stairstepper (60 seconds hard, 30 seconds slower/catching your breath- repeat until you get to 10 minutes!) Then I do ten minutes on the track... sprints, running high knees, etc, then 10 minutes on the elliptical.  These last 10 minutes usually aren't so "high intensity"  after that track workout I'm a little pooped on a Friday afternoon! Then I head to the weight room to do shoulders and abs! Friday's are usually well over an hour!

Saturday- This is my tire drag and or garage workout.  This helps me get in a fourth cardio for the week and work on any areas that I may have missed,,, usually chest and more back and shoulders! I also like to incorporate a few leg exercises in this workout but it's not a heavy leg day!  

Sometimes I switch Saturday and Sunday but I ALWAYS take a "rest" day once a week!  I think that a recovery day and getting enough sleep are so important to let your body and muscles heal from all the abuse during the week!  Not only do muscles need to recover physically but you also need to recover mentally.  I need a day off so I don't "burn out!"

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Garage workout!

Tina and I made this one up yesterday when we were needing back and cardio!  This was a pretty good one resulting in quite a bit of "Agghhh, this is kickin my butt" and some sweat!

6 rounds in under 40 minutes:
10 pullups (assisted with band)
10 burpees
10 overhead press (15lb dumbbells) with close stance squat. Weights should touch the ground (on the outside of your legs) when you come down into squat, once back to standing position press the dumbbells overhead, go up on your tiptoes for some calves at the end of each rep.
20 Jumping jacks
10-15 Barbell rows (45 lb bar)
20 Hanging ab crunch- hanging from a bar or using the ab straps for your arms

THEN: 3 minute 25lb plate burn (use a dumbbell if you don't have plates.)  The goal here is to keep the plate above your head doing "something" for 3 straight minutes.  You can do overhead tricep extensions, press the plate over head or just hold it about 5 inches from you head!) Good luck with this one! 
THEN:  with no rest,,, jump straight on the stationary bike and do 30 seconds high resistance and fast, then 30 seconds less resistance and very fast!  Repeat two more times for a total of 3 minutes.  This is called the Bike Burn!

Well, that wasn't enough so we did some more abs, 3 sets of 15 lat pull downs & lat rows with the resistance band~ 
YEAAHHHH!!!  It was a darn good workout!
Wish you coulda made it out Nika! But, you can do this one at the gym!  Let me know how it goes!
In the words of Erin Stern, "Train hard ya 'aall!"

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday Night Garage Workout!

So, this is a workout I did on a Friday night when I had a really good week of workouts.  I had already lifted all body parts but my chest, shoulders and Tri's were feeling like they needed more and I needed something I could call "CRaZy" and practice my counting by 5's!!

I did six rounds in 28 minutes:
5 pull-ups (do assisted if you need to)
10- 45lb barbell clean and press-
15- "Tricep" pushups, by keeping your arms in by your side
20- weighted dips on a low bench, with 25lb plate on lap
25- Hardcore Jumping Jacks- fast, full range and just make 'em look "Hardcore"

So, after 6 rounds you should feel like you did "something."  I was pretty tired after this one!  Do it as fast as you can- keeping good form and this will keep your heart rate up for a great cardio workout too!
 Oh, and Jett did this workout with me... he only made it two rounds and obviously lifted less, since he's only 10, but it was fun to workout with him. :)

Back and Biceps

Back and Bi’s

I really like doing back then biceps in the same day because you use your arms so much in a back workout that by the time you get to bi’s you are already “warmed-up!”

Giant set: On the cable machine, 4 times through-
* Wide grip lat pull down 70lbs, 12 reps
*Standing close grip cable pull to chest (use double handle where palms face eachother), lean back a bit, keep back flat squeeze shoulder blades together as you pull to your chest. 70lbs, 12 reps
*Seated back pull machine, again squeeze shoulder blades together. 80lbs 12 reps
*1 arm cable back rows- 40lbs, 12/12 reps (For these you pretty much hold a “potty” squat and get to rowing! )

Simple but Effective Killer Bi’s with NO BREAKS!!!
HAMMER CURLS (seated or standing, I prefer to stand with this many reps but then you need to concentrate on keeping your core tight and NOT swinging)

Okay, as I said HAMMER CURLS- 3 sets of this pure craziness:
20lbs dumbbells, 20 reps total (so that’s 10 per side, but alternating!)
15lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “
10lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “

NO breaks between dropping weight (just throw that weight down and get the next set of Dumbbells and getter done!) but if you need to, and you probably will, take a 60-90 second rest before you start again on the next set! That’s it,,, that’s all I do for Biceps after doing back! ENJOY! Oh,,, and push it hard, make it worth it!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Arm workout

Easy Arms:

This is a workout I did with Cory on Valentine’s day! Yes, it was our Valentines day date! HOW SPECIAL… about 40 minutes of pure muscle burning fun! I truly LOVE pumping up my arms so it was all good!

I posted the weight I lifted to give you an idea but you may need to bump it up or down… You should be thinking, “Dang, this is HARD” on the last two reps of each set!

When you superset, you do not rest in-between the bi’s and tri’s but rest about 45 seconds before you start the next set.

Superset bi’s and tri’s =4 sets of all:

Bi’s- Seated Dumbbell curls 20lb in each hand, alternating, total of 20 reps
Tri’s- 1 arm extentions (kickbacks) 15lbs, 10 on each side

Bi’s- Straight barbell curls (45lb bar) 10 reps (I used the “fat grips” for two sets,,,wowza!)
Tri’s- close grip benchpress (45lb bar) 10-12 reps

Bi’s- Standing cable curl with bent bar- 70lbs, 12 reps
Tri’s- Tricep cable pushdown with ^ bar- 40-45lbs

The supersets make this a quick workout that’s fun to do with a partner! Just remember to have good form with your elbows “in” and no swinging… keep it tight baby! (Ya, your core, as well as your arms!!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A short leg workout

A LEG WORKOUT (Feb 21, 2012)

4 sets of 15 reps
Squats- (85lbs) do 2 sets wide stance and 2 sets narrow, get low!
(I could have done more weight but I am already sore the next day so I'm glad I did what I did!)
superset with:
Straight leg deadlift- 95lbs

4 sets: HIGH box step ups hold a 15lb dumbbell, one in each hand - do 10 reps per leg

Calves on leg press (at least 90lbs):
4 sets- of 25 reps!!! 1st- straight, 2nd- toes in, 3rd toes out, 4th- toes point straight again
(I HATE working calves... I think they are BIG enough, but trainer Justen made me- and damn, they're sore today!)

STAIRS- body weight squats Use a real set of stairs or like a rope type ladder that lies on the floor-
--Wide stance, feet on the outside of the ladder (squat LOW!)
--At the first “rung or step” do one squat, 2nd- do two squats, 3rd – do 3 squats… etc.
    Need to go to the 12th -15th “step” (We did 18 total stairs last night- turned out to be over 160 squats)