Sunday, March 18, 2012

Friday Night Garage Workout!

So, this is a workout I did on a Friday night when I had a really good week of workouts.  I had already lifted all body parts but my chest, shoulders and Tri's were feeling like they needed more and I needed something I could call "CRaZy" and practice my counting by 5's!!

I did six rounds in 28 minutes:
5 pull-ups (do assisted if you need to)
10- 45lb barbell clean and press-
15- "Tricep" pushups, by keeping your arms in by your side
20- weighted dips on a low bench, with 25lb plate on lap
25- Hardcore Jumping Jacks- fast, full range and just make 'em look "Hardcore"

So, after 6 rounds you should feel like you did "something."  I was pretty tired after this one!  Do it as fast as you can- keeping good form and this will keep your heart rate up for a great cardio workout too!
 Oh, and Jett did this workout with me... he only made it two rounds and obviously lifted less, since he's only 10, but it was fun to workout with him. :)

Back and Biceps

Back and Bi’s

I really like doing back then biceps in the same day because you use your arms so much in a back workout that by the time you get to bi’s you are already “warmed-up!”

Giant set: On the cable machine, 4 times through-
* Wide grip lat pull down 70lbs, 12 reps
*Standing close grip cable pull to chest (use double handle where palms face eachother), lean back a bit, keep back flat squeeze shoulder blades together as you pull to your chest. 70lbs, 12 reps
*Seated back pull machine, again squeeze shoulder blades together. 80lbs 12 reps
*1 arm cable back rows- 40lbs, 12/12 reps (For these you pretty much hold a “potty” squat and get to rowing! )

Simple but Effective Killer Bi’s with NO BREAKS!!!
HAMMER CURLS (seated or standing, I prefer to stand with this many reps but then you need to concentrate on keeping your core tight and NOT swinging)

Okay, as I said HAMMER CURLS- 3 sets of this pure craziness:
20lbs dumbbells, 20 reps total (so that’s 10 per side, but alternating!)
15lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “
10lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “

NO breaks between dropping weight (just throw that weight down and get the next set of Dumbbells and getter done!) but if you need to, and you probably will, take a 60-90 second rest before you start again on the next set! That’s it,,, that’s all I do for Biceps after doing back! ENJOY! Oh,,, and push it hard, make it worth it!