Thursday, December 24, 2009


Jesus is the reason for the season we always say! I am thanking to God for a fun Christmas Eve with my family. Christmas Traditions.... new and old....

4TH year in a row ...
GINGERBREAD HOUSE MAKING!!!! I still had to do the icing but
the boys did the rest by themselves!

3rd year in a row...
(Pretending to make) Gingerbread Men Cookies! Really,
I did most of it and they watched and argued!!!

Posing by the tree after Christmas Eve Church Service

AND here we are right before we get ready to eat our "new soup." Cory made Pintos and Barley Soup from scratch. We were in hopes that this soup would be so yummy we we have it be our new Christmas Eve meal tradition. It was very good and very healthy but we are thinking we need to perfect this recipe before we commit it to a new Tradition. (It just wasn't the same as the Pintos and Barley Soup we had at Sweet Tomatoes in Denver!)

Anyway, we are now waiting for the boys to go to sleep so we can "play Santa." I think they know better, especially Jett, but they like to play it up so they can "get a Santa Present!"

Our other new Tradition we started this year, thanks to Uncle Troy and Aunt Christi was
"Elf on a Shelf." This little Elf is so cute. He comes with a book that explains he will come out and appear somewhere around the house around the Holidays and every night he uses his magic to fly to Santa to report about how the kids are behaving, and reappears somewhere different in the house the next morning! Then, on Christmas Eve, he "stays with Santa until next year." Well, this year we only got a few days with this new member of our family, Weezer Random Neuharth, but he was fun! Although, Jett was very unsettled as we tried to explain how this Elf works. He was certain I moved him last night,,, but I wasn't lying when I said I didn't touch him, because Cory moved our little Weezer to a "new spot." HOW FUN!!!!

Well, I better get those Santa presents out and get myself to sleep!

Praying all of our friends and family have a very Merry Christ Filled Christmas!


  1. Great pictures! You look so beautiful! I love your hair!

    What fun "Elf on the Shelf" is.. I've heard about him!

    Hope your day was filled with Lots of Happiness and Love!

  2. Very cute pictures. I love your hair, ARen't you happy I talked you into it. Or do you hate me because I talked you into it.

    Your a beautiful mommy!! and Wonderful Friend. IM thankful for your friendship!