Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm on, or should I say, was on strike

I've had it,,, had it up to my eyeballs with whining, demanding, ungrateful children. I don't know what else to do but to go on Strike! I quit; I give up! I'm done for the next 24 hours!!! I am here but not working,,, isn't that what being on strike means?
Here's what being on strike until tomorrow afternoon means for me....

I won't have to:

Cook, clean or pretend to care. And while I am NOT cooking I won't have to listen to the boys fighting, yelling, hitting, crying and tattling.

I am really hoping this strike includes not having to listen to my husband nag, warn and correct, everyone else in the house! aahhh, That would be so nice!

I won't have to listen to them complain that they didn't like what was served for supper!

I won't have to tell them that they are starting to stink and need to bathe. So, then I won't have to sit in the bathroom to monitor that they aren't splashing,,, and I surely won't have to wipe up water they splashed out.

I won't have to ask them 4 times to get their PJ's on, and listen to them whine that they can't find the right ones! No more, calling them to the bathroom 3 times, waiting for them to come get their teeth brushed, and begging them to hold still as they fight and push each other off the stool, while their dad watches like an innocent bystander!

I won't have to spend 30 minutes tucking them in, answering the 20 questions they come up with to procrastinate and re-adjusting their necessary nightlights so the lighting is just right!
(I'm trying not to think about the sad part--- not being able to kiss them good night
and pray with them!)
But, on the bright side, in the morning won't it be so peaceful! I won't have to:
worry about getting anyone ready for church but myself. I won't have to be the cook and the waitress or the cleaning staff.

I won't have to listen to whining about someone not getting what they wanted for breakfast and arguing that brother got more or that someone didn't get enough milk in their cereal or didn't want juice!

I won't have to clean up the kitchen floor where the kids didn't eat over the table. Oh, and better yet, I won't have to listen to my husband complain about the kids eating like kids, who spill or drop crumbs!

I won't have to remind EVERYONE that the car is leaving for church in 5 minutes ("sure hope ya make it.") and then wait in the car for 3 of those 5 minutes or usually longer for Daddy (because he HAD to unload the dishwasher before church!)

AH, won't it be nice, I will just hop in my quiet and peaceful car, drive to church, teach my Sunday School class and drive home, or maybe I will get sidetracked at a nice lil coffee shop downtown,, who knows what I will do since I will still be on strike until tomorrow afternoon!

Don't worry about me,,, I will be just fine!!!

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  1. how is this working for you....So yesterday when I saw you were you on strike? Seemed like you must have started this later in the day, or the boys would not have been with you..LOL.

    Let me know ifyou'd like to go to coffee..