Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back and Biceps

Back and Bi’s

I really like doing back then biceps in the same day because you use your arms so much in a back workout that by the time you get to bi’s you are already “warmed-up!”

Giant set: On the cable machine, 4 times through-
* Wide grip lat pull down 70lbs, 12 reps
*Standing close grip cable pull to chest (use double handle where palms face eachother), lean back a bit, keep back flat squeeze shoulder blades together as you pull to your chest. 70lbs, 12 reps
*Seated back pull machine, again squeeze shoulder blades together. 80lbs 12 reps
*1 arm cable back rows- 40lbs, 12/12 reps (For these you pretty much hold a “potty” squat and get to rowing! )

Simple but Effective Killer Bi’s with NO BREAKS!!!
HAMMER CURLS (seated or standing, I prefer to stand with this many reps but then you need to concentrate on keeping your core tight and NOT swinging)

Okay, as I said HAMMER CURLS- 3 sets of this pure craziness:
20lbs dumbbells, 20 reps total (so that’s 10 per side, but alternating!)
15lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “
10lbs dumbbells, 20 reps “

NO breaks between dropping weight (just throw that weight down and get the next set of Dumbbells and getter done!) but if you need to, and you probably will, take a 60-90 second rest before you start again on the next set! That’s it,,, that’s all I do for Biceps after doing back! ENJOY! Oh,,, and push it hard, make it worth it!

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