Thursday, May 28, 2009

busy but better

Tomorrow is my last day with my students and then I have to go on Monday June 1st and then,,, SUMMER VACATION! YEAH!!! So, we have just been doing the same ol' things... Boys go to daycare (they were done with school last Thursday), Cory and I go to work and then we come home, after a quick workout. All three boys stay outside until almost dark. Cory has been busy planting and watering grass seed and now he is starting to plant 20 little trees! I have just been crazy busy with work and of coarse I found time, last night to go to a candle and chocolate party,,, yes, after I worked out!!! (yeah for spinning class! I LOVE IT!)

This weekend we plan to get family photos taken with my brother's family and then we will try out the new water park!! :) Next week the two little boys and I will be headed to CO and Cheytown to visit friends! We are really looking forward to seeing the Frenchies and meeting new baby Addi!

HUGS and loves to you all, stay in touch and DO COME VISIT WHEN YOU CAN!

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