Tuesday, May 5, 2009

trying not to be negative

Okay, I really am going to try to "act happy" this week for my husband's sake! BUT, here is the negative or should I say the TRUTHS! I have plantar fasciitis, which is pain in my heal... worse in the morning when I get out of bed! It is a stress injury and needs lots of rest, ice and time! Darn, I was just getting back on track to workout,,, and pushing myself a little more! It started Sunday morning and is just getting worse by today (Tues).
ALSO, my sweet, old, gray 13 year old puppy is starting to have seizures (or maybe mini strokes.) She gets wobbly and then falls over, gets stiff legged and starts breathing really hard! It lasts only ten seconds but it is NOT pleasant to watch! As soon as it passes she seems fine. Just a few days ago she was out running around outside, acting happy as a looney old lady! So, I really don't know when I will "put her down." I am just not ready because she doesn't seem like she is suffering. This is the first time I've EVER had to deal with putting down an animal. My parents took care of my old dog and my old horse because, lucky for me I wasn't around at the time! I just don't know what to do! When is the right time? I really would like her to go in her sleep at night! I don't want to watch my old girl, who I've had since she was 8 weeks old, suffer and I just don't think I can "take her life" at least not yet!

AH yes,,, God's word tells me:
Do not worry about anything but in everything be in prayer and petition,,,
GOOD NIGHT! I need sleep to be positive,,, despite the above I will do my best!

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