Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday night sleepover!

I surprised the boys tonight! Cory picked them up from daycare and came home, while I went and picked up a friend for each of them on my way home from town. What a great surprise when I walked in the door with their friends and said, "Boys, I got you a surprise! Come check it out!" They were so excited that the boys got to stay the night! (Jett had Ethan and Oakley had Carson.)

They ate a yummy kid friendly supper that included mini corndogs and cookies (from Carson.) They played team sword fighting, where miraculously, no one got hurt. Then they watched, Journey to the Center of the Earth, played some more and went RIGHT TO SLEEP at 9:30! WoW, What a fun night and I am so happy they went to sleep! NOW, I better get to bed myself!

Here is a picture of us, right before bedtime, playing a game Carson brought! They had fun putting the sticks in my hair!

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