Monday, September 28, 2009


So are we "reeeeaally sick?" Jett seemed very sick this morning. I was certain he couldn't go to school because he had a bad stomach ache, headache, backache and said he might throw up. I insisted Cory stay home with him, which he did. Cory texted me and said that he slept for 3 and half hours and then woke up fine... ready to eat and boy did he eat! He even felt like playing.

So, the whole time I was at work I was wishing I was the one home with Jett.

My back is K-I-L-L-I-N-G me, I had a pretty good headache all day, earache and my glands and throat are sore! I totally feel like I am coming down with something. However, since I ran out of sick days last year so I wasn't about to give any up this early in the game!

Anyway, hope we all can be healthy! Especially for Oakley's birthday party this Sat evening.


HI, it’s Oakley Blakeman here and I want to invite you to my Swimming Birthday Party! (By the way, I am turning 6!!!)
Please don’t bring me presents! Instead bring as much money as you feel you can give to my cousins’ grandma, Evonna (Blakeman Schelling)! She was just told she has lung cancer. I want to help her be able to pay for her Dr. bills and go to a specialist. Evonna is the same age as my grandma and she has lots of grandchildren she likes to play with so I really want to help her.
PLEASE pray for Evonna and PLEASE come swim with me!

Here’s the details:
Saturday Oct. 3rd 4:50 -6:15 (We will swim for an hour and then we will have a birthday snack in the lobby!)
your swimsuit, towel and money for Evonna

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