Friday, August 13, 2010

Is summer really over???

WHERE DID IT GO??? Where did my summer go? AND where have I been!??? not on my blog that's for sure! I guess you could say I took a little blogging break! Don't ask me why because I've had plenty of time but I guess I just wasn't into it! BUT, now I'm back!!!

AND now summer is about over!
The boys and I will now brainstorm for you all of our previous summer activities,,, here goes,,,

*weekend in Burke last part of May
*Swimming lessons x2
*A 5 night trip to Cheyenne and Wellington,CO in June to see Cheyenne friends and the French family
*waterpark x3
*Jett went to grandmas to play with the chickens while Otto got in trouble at Aunt San's
*mommy's "cousins weekend" 3 families stayed with us, we went to Rapid- Story Book Island
*the culverts at the creek x2
*The 4th of July Belle Fourche Parade (Brrrr,,, got rained on!!)
*movie nights at home x2o or so
*rode the 4-wheeler and went with dad on his new 4-wheeler
*went to Hills Alive, enjoyed the concerts from the back with sissy and took boys on kyaks
*playing with babysister and making her laugh x200, give or take 50
*playdates with the neighbor kids x 15
*bike riding at the park
*painted our living room, kitchen and sissy's room
*cousins Audri and Whitney came to stay a week, on two different occasions
*water skiing @ Keyhole with Trevor Hill
*camping at Iron Creek Lake in a cabin with Dad and Sissy, 2 nights for dad's birthday
* hosted the"Summer's Over" neighborhood picnic

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