Sunday, January 13, 2013

My first Juice fast intro... more to come

So after some research I decided to do a juice fast from the company Urban Remedy!  I initially wanted to by my own juicer, but the one I wanted was $400.00 and I was worried I wouldn't have time to juice 50lbs of fruits and vegetables plus clean my juicer! Call me lazy but I decided my first juice fast experience I should pay the extra money for someone else to do the work for me (and extra for shipping $32.00!) 
I read a lot of review and chose Urban Remedy mostly because they had high ratings in taste, customer service and effectiveness!

drinkin' juice at work!

So, I ordered it 4 days before my "start date" (Wed) but my actual start date was the day after (Thurs) because it didn't get here until mid day on my start day, (Wed) while I was at work!  I was surprised of all the beautiful colors when I opened the box.  Sadly, I was short the #6 for the second day.  I called the company immediately and they shipped me out what I needed plus two extra meal relacement shakes! It did make it in time so that was really no big deal!   

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  1. I found a juicer on Craigslist ... and have become addicted to carrot juice.