Friday, January 11, 2013

Where have I been???

Where have I been you ask??? And why have I been neglecting my blog? 
The answer- one word "Exhaustion!"
No, seriously, when school started I have just been so busy trying to keep my new "go getter" principal happy, run my kids here and there, be the good lil' wife that I am and still get about six workouts in a week.  The holidays were very crazy for us this year.  It seemed more so this year than previous years.  I guess that was all the Christmas parties and lots of Christmases with different groups of our family. 

Anyway,,, excuses, excuses,,, but the good thing is that since September, the only thing I've really neglected, from being so busy, are my two hobbies: Scrapbookin' and blogin'!  I'm proud to say, I've keep up on my crazy workout schedule and therefore I'm feeling stronger and stronger every month!

So to my three loyal blog readers- I sincerely apologize for my lack of commitment these last few months.   Now that it is January, my New Year's Resolution is to make a blog entry at least once a week!  WISH ME LUCK!

Hope you all are having a wonderful start to your new year... I hope you are setting some goals of some great things you want to accomplish in 2013!  Make it a great year!~ and be blessed!

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