Friday, July 3, 2009


Jett's, Blakeman Cousin, Stephanie left me a response that reminded me how many things poor Donnie had going on... Donnie really had a lot health stuff... it seemed like one thing after another. I just hope Jett isn't trying to follow in his father's footsteps, when it comes to health issues! I still keep thinking it could be worse so we are OKAY! So, Jett had to get glasses (so what, lots of kids have glasses) he has to get a little surgery on his testicles,,, (so what! this Dr has done over 1000 of those surgeries on young men) and to what extent he may have inherited his father's heart condition,,, we don't know yet. So now,,, I pray Jett doesn't inherit anymore of Donnie's issues: Poor Donnie had gout in his left foot (really bad!), he had a deviated septum in his nose which required a "nose job." Donnie had AWFUL wisdom teeth that required him to have a 2 hour surgery and then lots of complications after the teeth were removed! Donnie had minor spinal bifida which resulted in a back injury and MAJOR back pain from age 22 on... It's no wonder poor Buzz had a little addiction problem to cover up all the pain!
My prayer is that, all the boys will inherit from Donnie will be his fun loving attitude, his ability to LOVE more than any body I know and his love for Jesus! (I miss him but after reading this I am glad he is in heaven,,, pain FREE!)

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  1. that made me cry. YOu are so sweet, and it is sure normal to worry some about Jett. But remember God is more powerful. HE does not want us to worry but to trust in Him. Think positive thoughts and I know you pray health into them every day. I have never known what happen to Donnie. It sounds like he was a great man above all! I pray for your heart today....because as a mommy who loves her kids more than anything, you will tend to worry at times. So i just pray today that the Lord will give you peace and contentment. I pray perfect health for both the boys from the top of their tiny heads to the bottom of their toes! As soon as you get a negative thought, cast it away!

    we love you