Thursday, July 2, 2009

poor Jett gets some more,,,

Another Dr. appt and not great news (again). Jett went to Dr. Butz (urologist) today and the good news was,,, it is NOT life threatening!!
Jett has a surgery scheduled for Monday July 27th in Rapid to get his left testicle to drop down. It is important to do this, or it might not be viable. We will have to consult with the cardiologist prior to the surgery! Poor little boy is pretty nervous about the surgery. He is also "feeling more" arrhythmia's lately but that might be because we have been talking about his heart stuff after going to the heart Dr. just two days ago!
We prayed tonight for God to put all our minds at ease that He will take care of little Jett in every way! GOD IS GOOD, and GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!!!

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  1. Hey Stace!
    Poor Jett, I feel so scared for him! He just has so much goin on doesn't he! I have always just had a special place in my heart for Jett and that breaks my heart to hear what he is going through. Give those boys loves for me.
    I will definitely post more pics of Kiersten, she is a wild woman. Our official wedding date is June 12th so I will have to get your address and stuff from you to send you guys an invite! Take care.