Friday, July 17, 2009


Well, long story short. The horse Stacey brought over for me to ride is headed home tomorrow because he hurt his leg. I have NO CLUE what he did but he started limping Tuesday and by yesterday he was not wanting to put any weight on it. I got bute (horsie pain killer/anti-inflam) and wrapped it. So, four days after the first signs of his lame leg he started swelling up today and looking like something more serious could be wrong. Therefore, the Thars are coming to get him tomorrow! I know I didn't do anything to cause this and it isn't my fault but nonetheless I feel awful!!! I think I should have taken him to the Vet yesterday but Stacey's husband said to wait and see if he gets better. I just need prayer that he will be okay and so will my sad heart!

Next, I am bummed about my old Sadie, I know the time is getting close! I was going to put her down this week but I just couldn't do it! I've cried while petting her a lot the last few days! I think I will be okay if she goes naturally but I just can't "kill" my dog!

NEED Pray for my heart for my animals!

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