Monday, October 12, 2009

A weekend to remember!

AHH,,, I am behind!!!
Two weekends ago, Oct 9-11 Cory and I went to the Family Life Weekend to Remember! It was a great weekend full of funny, real life and realistic information for married couples. It was a kid free, romantic weekend! It was unique that there was no opportunity to blame or complain to your spouse... but instead we were able to focus on ourselves. Very needed!

Now,,, the challenge is to keep up what we learned to help our marriage to prosper and to get our money's worth!

Here's my "take home notes"
1. we have to merge into "oneness" as God created
2. I must show Cory respect not matter what
3. I must accept Cory as the gift from God that he is
4. I need to get my priorities straight,,, God first, Cory second, the boys next and then others
5. I need to speak life and love into all 3 of my boys and not tear them down with my words

These are all pretty big goals to uphold! Another hard part is the fact that, when Cory isn't upholding his part, all I can do is PRAY!!!

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  1. I'm so glad you both went! :) It sounds wonderful! I pray that you both are upholding your end of the commitment!
    You are awesome & you can do this!
    <3 you!