Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wierd illnesses,,,

Life's started getting crazy at 5am this morning... Oakley came upstairs, sick, throwing up every 2o minutes all morning. Unfortunately I had been awake since 4am, but who needs sleep? Cory stayed home with the Oakley while I took Jett to school and went to work. I spent most of my morning getting organized,,, "sub worthy organized!"

.... BACK tracking,,,,
three days ago I thought I had a scratch on my left jaw/cheek. It hurt pretty bad especially when I washed my face or touched it... the funny thing was there was no noticeable marks on my face in that area! Yesterday it started itching and was funny looking red mark, so I figured it was just a zit. BUT,,, today it itched and so after I SCRATCHED it, it hurt!! So, before I headed out at noon to relieve Cory from his "tending to a sick child duty," I had the school nurse check it out. She was concerned it was shingles! So, reluctantly I went to the Dr. and after two Dr's checked me out,,, they determined I have the start of shingles. WHAT!??! Crazy. So, now I am just praying the very expensive antiviral WORKS!!!

Oh and by the way, Oakley is just fine! He kept food down all day after I left!

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  1. I am so glad Oakley is feeling better!

    Crazy on the Shingles bit.. I hope your feeling better soon!