Saturday, April 28, 2012

I was recently asked to share my workout schedule for a normal week... Well, nothing about me is normal.  I try really hard to stick to my schedule but just when things start going smoothly, I get slapped in the face with the reality of "mommy hood."  The next thing I know, my schedule starts to revolve around orthodontist appointments, parent-teacher conferences and calls from the daycare to come get my sick kid.  Oh and did I mention that sometimes my husband is working late or out of town, and then I have to pick up kids, and try to get my workout in after they go to bed!?  My point is,,, as a mother and a wife there is no such thing as a set schedule.  I am very blessed to be able to take my kids to the gym (where Jett and Oakley usually workout along side Cory or myself).  Cory also just changed his gym schedule to Mon, Wed, Fri. which gives me more days!  Isn't that awesome of him?
Anyway,,, on a smooth week (with no appointments) this is how it goes...
Monday- Cardio-
 30 minutes high intensity intervals (either the stairstepper, recumbent bike or elliptical) and 20 minute ab routine that is also a little cardio because it's non-stop

Tuesday-  Leg day
 with my friend Tina and our good friend, Justen.  He trains us on (heavy) legs which has been awesome! THANKS Justen!

Wednesday- is a cardio day,
 usually 45 minutes of medium intensity to get my sweat on.  Generally this is my stationary spin bike, Cory's mountain bike outside or a run/walk.  One of the best cardio days like this is when Tina and I take our "big loop" around town with hills. Mostly we speed walk but some running too (always run up the hills) and then sometimes a medium sprint to the end of the block a few times!

Thursday is upper body= Back, Bi's and Tri's!

Lately it seems like I've been changing up my upper body workout/splits every week.  Some weeks I've been able to use Wednesday as another upper body and then we either split it one of two ways: 1) bi's and tri's Wed and Thursday is back, shoulders, chest OR,,,2) a "Pull" day is- bi's and back  and then a "Push" day is -Tri's, Chest, Shoulders!    Okay, back to the regular plan if I only do cardio on Wednesday, its all upper body on Thursday. I do bi's, tri's and back and sometimes abs!  This is a longer night at the gym, at least an hour and a half!  This is the night that Cory and the kids eat without me.  About every other Thursday I usually stay for some cardio too (while Jett's at Cub Scouts!)

Friday- High Intensity Cardio- 30 minutes, then shoulders and abs
Usually I do 10 minutes on the stairstepper (60 seconds hard, 30 seconds slower/catching your breath- repeat until you get to 10 minutes!) Then I do ten minutes on the track... sprints, running high knees, etc, then 10 minutes on the elliptical.  These last 10 minutes usually aren't so "high intensity"  after that track workout I'm a little pooped on a Friday afternoon! Then I head to the weight room to do shoulders and abs! Friday's are usually well over an hour!

Saturday- This is my tire drag and or garage workout.  This helps me get in a fourth cardio for the week and work on any areas that I may have missed,,, usually chest and more back and shoulders! I also like to incorporate a few leg exercises in this workout but it's not a heavy leg day!  

Sometimes I switch Saturday and Sunday but I ALWAYS take a "rest" day once a week!  I think that a recovery day and getting enough sleep are so important to let your body and muscles heal from all the abuse during the week!  Not only do muscles need to recover physically but you also need to recover mentally.  I need a day off so I don't "burn out!"


  1. 6 days a week? You are Super Woman! :)

  2. THANKS! But,it's kinda an addiction! As you probably know I will do more in the summer... usually I workout twice a day,,, cardio everyday and lift almost everyday!