Sunday, April 29, 2012

TNation's "Garage workout"

This is my workout today since I took the day off yesterday! Try it!  It's awesome,,, legs and shoulders and CARDIO!!!!  Do it for time.  Then do it again next weekend and try to beat your time!

Reps: 10 per exercise per circuit
Circuits: 6
Rest: 0

1 Jump Squat

2 Hand Walkout – from knees or toes

3 Single-Leg Deadlift – arms out to sides  (10 per side)

4 Push-Up – clap (I actually did assisted pullups instead)

5 Rope Jumping or Jumping Jack

6 Reverse Lunge – twist (10 per side)

7 Pike Push-Up

8 Squat Thrust (this is a burpee without the pushup part! Although, I DID do the push up! LOVE these!)

I ended up resting about 20-30 seconds before I started each round.  It took me 32 minutes~ That seemed SLOW and like it took me forever but I know I got all 600 reps!

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