Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Load Your Guns upper body workout

Load Your Guns for Gals workout 1hr max.
** =two dumbells
* = one dumbbell
Will need two sets of different weights ligher (L) set is 5-8 lbs and heavier (H) set is 10's-15's
Warmup with
** 15 standing overhead press (H)
** 10 arm circles out front (L)
** 10 arm circles - sides (L)
20 tricep bench dips, optional- set a DB on lap
** 5 standing overhead press (H)
** 15 bent over row (H)
* 10 overhead tricep extension (H)
** 15 bicep curls (H) or drop weight if needed
* 10 tricep kickbacks each arm (L)
Try to get through this whole thing without much rest!
REPEAT all one more time!
Then do 20-30 mins of cardio! You rock!!!

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