Sunday, February 17, 2013

March #nocheatmonth challenge

Would you join me for a really fun challenge in March?? Are you on Instagram ?!? Or you could do this on Facebook. I am going to start a picture challenge on March 1st, anyone is welcome to join in the fun. So how it works is I will give you a weekly list of what the topic is for each day and you post a picture or written note! It's called the "No Cheat Month"
And the purpose of this pic challenge is to keep your focus, accountability and get inspiration! It will be a nice "portfolio" or proof of how hard you work and all your knowledge of how to be healthy! I think to be totally honest we will have to be be transparent with ourselves and with friends, but that's healthy right?!
I would suggest inviting your close friends or workout partners to join you! The more help and support the better. Feel free to forward my messages and the 4 weekly lists you will get, to your friends who want to join.
Lastly, there will be prizes for anyone who completes the entire four weeks, but in order to qualify you must have Instagram and allow me to follow you! So, go get signed up for Instagram if you're not already!
Let me know if you're "in or out" by leaving me a comment with your Instagram screen name, so I know whether to bug you or leave you alone!

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