Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why weight lift??!

Someone recently told me her friend said they should not lift weights. It might make them "bigger" and they should lose the weight first and then start lifting weights!
I completely disagree. Watch Biggest Loser? Those people have a lot of weight to lose and they are incorporating weightlifting! You can lose weight and lift weights at the same time. You are just getting healthier, stronger and more fit all at the same time!
Here are my top benefits to lifting weights:
Bone health- Studies show that lifting weights over time can help increase bone density and actually help prevent osteoporosis!

Improves strength, coordination and balance! It just does. When you lift weights over time you will become stronger, with that you will become more coordinated and have better balance. Overall strength improves a lot within your body!

The next benefit of weightlifting is overall body appearance. You can change the way your body looks by losing body fat. But you can make more drastic changes to the look of your body by increasing muscle and tone! Honestly speaking, "lifting weights takes the flab away!"

Lose body fat/weight: This is what I believe: Muscle burns more calories. Muscle ramps up your metabolism. My example of this is my own husband, who is packed full of muscle and is very lean. And granted he eats very healthy and clean and lots of protein, but he needs a lot of calories to sustain all that muscle. His metabolism is very high. His body is a fat burning machine!!!

Last but not least I believe lifting weights helps overall mood. I personally am proof of this. I use lifting weights as my outlet after a rough day. Sometimes when I miss a workout for two or three days straight, I start to get very crabby. My family even notices, and suggests, "Hey mom why don't you go workout?" I know there's also some science behind this, something to do with endorphins or something like that but I'm telling ya, from my own experience Lifting weights makes you feel better, even better than cardio. Any workout will make you feel better, But after lifting weights I walk out the door feeling strong, empowered and healthy.
I do have to add that anyone who says they don't want to get bulky and big like a man doesn't know what they're talking about. Women do not have the testosterone, do not eat enough and do not have it in their body composition to naturally get big! Unless you're taking steroids you're just going to get nice and toned!
So get after it and go lift some (heavy) weight girls!

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