Saturday, October 5, 2013

It Takes Time...

Since May of this year I've been working at my new job as a personal trainer and a food coach.  It doesn't feel like a "J-O-B"  it just feels like I am helping people... Yep, helping people get healthy and regain their well-being!  BUT- I've learned the hard way that I can't help them if they don't want to help themselves....
So, here's the burning question... Why do people who so badly want to lose weight and regain their health give up after only a few weeks of being on a program?  It's so sad for me to watch people, who desperately need to get healthy, do quite well the first few weeks and then just give up after the second or third week!  WHY!!!???  What makes some people have the lack of perseverance? 
One of the biggest reasons people give up is they don't see instant results on the scale.  That's crazy!  You didn't gain all that weight in one day, you aren't going to lose it all in a day or even a week! Here's what you need to do:
#1. STOP GETTING ON THE SCALE everyday! I recommend getting on the scale every 4 weeks... Okay, I know what you "obsessive weighers" are thinking.  So fine, get on the scale once a week; same time of the same day,same day of the week~ for example every Monday morning 6am, wearing the same clothes.   WHY not every day you ask???  Due to your hormones, activity level, food choices, salt intake, hydration levels, your metabolism going crazy and for females "that time of the month" the scale is going to fluctuate a lot during a weeks time! There's no need to mentally "roller coaster" with the scale.

#2 If you are on program and you know you are moving more and eating less (at least 300 calories less than your BMR) then just TRUST THE PROCESS and STICK WITH IT. 
Sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks for the scale to start moving in the right direction.  "Weight loss happens the minute you don't give up." (Schober,2012)  Our bodies can be so uncooperative sometimes! I know it seems so unfair but if you are willing to stick with it you will eventually see results.  UNLESS....
Unless you are cheating!   Are you cheating?  Are you falling off the program in the afternoons?  or the weekends??  Did you justify that piece of cake, sugar laden latte or glass of wine because you did so well all week?  Guess what? You will probably just "maintain" this week if you are cheating, even just a little bit.  It's sad but true; I've seen it with my body and lots of other people... It only takes 2 days of "mild" cheats to blow all your hard work you did the other 5 days of the week!    
So step #3 is STOP CHEATING!  BE Consistent! 
It takes time... it takes consistency! 
Revisit your "WHY" and use your determination to stick with it, be strong and don't give up!

Schober, Tony. "Weight Loss Happens the Moment You Don't Give up." CoachCalorie. Disqus. 23 January 2012. Web. 5 Oct 2013.

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