Monday, August 3, 2009

surgery, reptiles and amphibians

I'm over due for a new update! darn Facebook is consuming me!
okay, well, lets see...

Jett's surgery (putting his boy parts into place on July27th) went very well! His heart was slow (around 40bpm) but he did just fine! Jett goes back the Dr. Wed (9 days post-op) to get the bandages off and see if he gets some restrictions lifted! Oh and he is now just complaining about the itching,,, so it must be healing!

The horses are fine. Tell, the borrowed, brown horse, who didn't actually go home, is okay. His leg doesn't look great but he isn't limping on it and so we have been able to ride him again. Peco's the black kids horse is feeling his green grass and seems to have a little too much "get-up-and-go" for me to trust him. Therefore, when Oakley and I went riding last week I kept Pecos on a lead rope! We had fun and Oakley even stayed on while we trotted for a ways! However, due to his surgery Jett's a little behind on the horse riding lessons!

We just got back from Burke, SD for the weekend. It was Cory's 15 year HS reunion, town party, parade and seeing family! We stayed with Cory's mom, Sharon. We had a great time. Grandma Sharon, bless her heart, watched the boys both nights so we could go to the class of 94 suppers and street dance. Grandma did a great job watching them except she let them catch and "keep" a gardner snake! YIKES! luckily it got out of the box they put it in! Everyone commented on how our boys are "ALL BOY!"
So, this morning, to further the "All boy" title they caught a baby salamander under my water tank and some little frogs. All morning they have been busy trying to make a "habitat" for their new "pets!" (Which sad for them, but we know these new pets will be dead soon!) The boys collected all kinds of bugs and worms and made a neat hide-a-way with rocks and mud! So, lots of summer fun and even some lessons on wild animals in captivity never live! AGH! I am thinking we will make a stop by the pet store for real crickets on Wed, when we go to town, that is if anything is still alive!

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