Saturday, July 21, 2012

Got your tickets to the Gun show??

"Got your tickets to the gun show?" was Cory's saying when we were dating and he wanted to impress me!  (It worked, he's my inspiration!)

 I am so left handed dominant that my left arm has ALWAYS been way bigger than my right... to the point where you can obviously notice it!  when I see a picture like this it bugs me so much!  To me, it looks like two different people's arms!!! how weird!

April 2012

SSSoooo, Trainer Cory said I need to start doing more DB's to get my biceps more evened out!  It's been two months with the goal of getting my right arm caught up and ya,,, really no luck but I've been having fun "getting big arms!"
(left) May 2012

I guess I need to research getting a more symmetrical body! any ideas???

(right) July 2012
look, I got a new gym bag!! hhaaa!!! THANKS Cory! 

here's Oakley, my lean mean muscle machine after a 10 sets of 10 bi and tri workout with mommy!!    

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