Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sore arms anyone!?!?!

I spend an hour a week specifically lifting arms plus some extra arms with my "garage" workouts and yoga stuff.  Yes, my "long-term" goal is to grow my arms and have the right bicep catch up to the left.  Therefore, my "short-term"goal is to get sore arms after my arm workouts!  This is sometimes a challenge as my arms are getting used to just about every variation.  I've really had fun making up new workouts to change it up.  I've also been able to up my weight some which with smaller muscles like the biceps and triceps, it's a challenge!
This particular workout I did a Triple set of Bi's "supersetted" with a Triple set of Tri's for three rounds and then one more bi and tri "supersetted" for three sets! It was fairly quick and the best news.... I was SUPER SORE the next morning (less than 24 hours),,, which that is really good because I usually don't get sore in the arms for 36-48 hours, if at all!
Remember I post the weight I lift but you may need to increase or decrease your loads.  Just keep it hard enough that you are thinking, "holy heck!" and still keeping good form!
 Here's the workout:
DO #1-6 with NO rest,,, repeat 3x
BICEP Triple Set
1. Wide grip cable curls 10 reps/60lbs
2. Dumbell alternating hammer curls 25lbs- 8 reps rest 10 secs, 8 more reps
3. Supine (lying flat on your back) cable curls 50lbs- 12reps
TRICEP Triple Set
4. Tri cable push down with short straight bar 60lbs- 10 reps
5. Seated (Chair) Tri- cable extension 40lbs- 10 reps
6. DB (double- both arms at once) bent over kickbacks (bend at waist, 90degree bend, press head up against something soft to brace yourself) 8lb dumbbells- 10 reps
"21's Burn set" repeat 3x
Straightbar bicep curl, 35lb bar, 7 top half, 7 bottom half, 7 full reps
Skull crushers with 15- 20lbs Chains (or use a dumbbell if you don't have a chain) 7 bottom, 7 top, 7 full reps.

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