Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 years

It has been three years since my first husband, Donnie, left us to go to be with Jesus. We miss him dearly. The anniversary was Friday March 6th. After work I stopped by the store and got Sour Patch Kids and Hot Tamales candies, which were Donnie's favorite. The boys and I enjoyed his favorite "movie snack" and watched his "Life Video." The whole experience Friday night was very different than when we've watched his video in the past. I cried but very mildly, probably because I had peace in my heart and for once the boys did not cry. They made really cool comments like, "Wow, that was Dad?" and "Look there I was when I was a baby. " OH my gosh, I can't believe how much Oakley looks like Donnie! Donnie had very dark, curly hair as an adult but blond straight hair just like Oakley's when he was young!!! Oakley's face looks just like Donnie's. I will have to post a picture so ya all know I am not crazy!

What a busy weekend!!! I really can't wait for wrestling to be over so I can just have a quiet weekend for once! Oakley wrestled at districts and got 4th! He really didn't wrestle his best but he did make it to Regionals (next weekend in Rapid City).

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