Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pray for Stellan!

I was snooping around other peoples blogs,,, looking for other Christian woman raising boys and I found this amazing story that needs LOTS and LOTS of prayer! and it seems that with a little good news tonight, the prayer is working!

Here's the quick version of why we need to be praying for baby Stellan:

While Stellan's mom was pregnant with him, he was diagnosed with a serious heart condition which was VERY rapid heart rate(SVT's), major drops in heart rate and cardiomyopathy! When he was born in Aug. 08 he was declared healthy and pretty much the "miracle baby."

Well, Sunday March 22nd he was sick with a bad cold. That night he ended up in the hospital getting breathing treatments which sent his heart back into the SVT's. This makes his heart beat anywhere from 200-300 beats per minute! (I believe this family lives near the Twin Cities) Anyway, he is still in the NICU as the Dr.'s are trying everything to get his little heart back into a Normal Sinus Rhythm (NSR). The heart racing and the drugs he is on make him very restless and just very sick! He was dehydrated but it seems they are getting that under control. He is such an adorable baby and this story is touching my heart immensely! As most of you know my sweet Donnie had a pacemaker to make his heart beat right! He would have racing spells of over 250bpm (sitting doing nothing) that would make him feel very sick! I can't imagine a sweet baby going through that!

Please pray for his heart to go into NSR! and for continued peace for this family who are AMAZINGLY STRONG IN THEIR FAITH IN GOD!

click on his picture and you can read his mom's blog! She is an amazing christian woman and might I say, a phenomenal photographer!!! They have four kids and they are down right, the cutest cuties I've seem!

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