Saturday, March 28, 2009

Too much going on

I think there is as much going on in my head as there is in my life! Lets see, where to start, oh yeah, to add to the craziness of my busyness,,, I'm feeling like a cold is coming on! Stuffy nose, head congestion stuff, which doesn't surprise me after this hot and cold weather we've had. Anyway, just super busy morning, but actually I got quite a bit done today! Tina's baby shower, delivered Body Shop, tanned, post office,,, *(mailed Pastor Bill Godstruck CD and The Shack book to Amy!) baked, muffins, cookies and cookie bars for the concert bake sale and made Lasagna for supper!

I tried to scrapbook but I'm not getting too far. I need to commit to NOT turning this computer on like at least 3 days a week!!! It consumes me! Look, I changed my background! TOO FUN!

This weekend, I have been thinking of my story of how I lost my first husband, Donnie! Exactly three years ago today I was a complete wreck! I tried to go back to work,,, well I did go back to work, which was probably the best thing for me.

Everyday after Donnie died my faith in Christ GREW and GREW! I know people who have lost love ones before it was their time and got very angry with God. I however, just continued to search for more comfort! I couldn't imagine doing this grief thing alone! and that is what you are without God! ALONE! God looks for the hungry and I was hungry! Hungry for anything that was going to heal my broken heart and I knew it wasn't going to be some cheap earthly thing! The thing is,,, is NO ONE loved me as much as I wanted to be loved,,, after Donnie was gone! The only place I could find enough love for my poor little shattered heart was from my God! I am so thankful tonight,,, that when I was in that deepest despair of my life that I turned in the right direction! I didn't get lost with alcohol, partying, or some other stupid obsession! Well, I did work out a lot but that wasn't all that bad! I looked HOT,,, that must be how I hooked Cory! HAHA!
Ah, Cory,,, he didn't know it but he was an earthly angel to me! and still is! God is SOOOO good to me to give me Cory! I pray I get to keep him until I go to heaven! He tries so hard to be the best dad he can to "his" boys!

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