Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do you worry?

How much do you worry? I worry about little things and then other days I don't worry about some things I should!
We hear in Matthew 6:24-34 the words of Jesus saying not to worry. It is almost like Jesus is making fun of us, by saying if we worry we have little faith. Won't God take care of us? He takes care of the birds and the flowers in the field and aren't we more important!?

This was the helpful lecture we heard at church today. It was said, and I can agree from experience, "what you are most devoted to, is what you will worry about and what you worry about is what you are most devoted to!" Well, isn't that a no brainer. Like MckMama assumingly worries about her son, Stellan! Of coarse she is devoted and worried,,, he is her SON! It is so natural to play out all the scenarios and the "what ifs" and let your concern turn into full fledged worry!

As Pastor Mark put it today,,, Jesus says the solution to worry is to redirect your devotion. Does that mean Mckmama should not be devoted to her son! NO, Jesus is actually saying don't worry because God's Will is going to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven but He's NOT saying, Don't care! Do care, do all that you can to help yourself or the situation! God will be pleased with your hard work.

Isn't it so great to know, as a believer in Christ, that we are so blessed, no matter how bad it gets! God loves you and wants all the best for you! He doesn't seek out to hurt you but rather care for you, seeing that all your needs are met.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness
and all these things will be given to you as well.
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow
for tomorrow will worry about itself..."
Matthew 6:33-34
So, I think I know what MckMama worries about,,, Stellan and her other three children and husband back home! BUT, what do you worry about?
here is my guess for our family...
ME- (ah, this could be a long list, but remember I said, sometimes I don't worry enough! (I should be worried about getting enough sleep but I guess I am not!)
I need two categories-
Things I SHOULD be worried about:
*worshiping the Lord, reading my bible and being more pleasing to God in everything I do! getting stuff done at work: grades entered, Parent/teacher conferences, curr. maps, you name it, I got a lot to do!
*getting enough sleep
*keep from getting sick
Things I AM worried about:
*selling the camper
*having enough money to do the things we want to do
*how I will handle things if our money gets tighter
*my boys health and safety, who doesn't worry about their children, HEY MOM, does that ever get better? You don't still worry about me do you!?
*People I would LOVE to see get saved by accepting Jesus, number 1. My dad!
*My own health- sometimes I worry if I were to die soon and sudden, my poor boys would have the awful story of how they lost their dad and mom, while they were still in elementary school!
*Cory, at his job, especially when he is gone, out town on a fire or burning!
* Sadie, my old dog, who is getting old and sick
Cory worries about- cleanliness, following guidelines, eating, working out, being on time, work related things,
(I honestly don't know what else he worries about, I guess we don't have good "worry" communication!)
Jett worries about-dinosaurs, wild animals, playing outside, watching animal shows on Nat Geo or Animal Planet, getting to do what he wants, eating- specially snacks and as "tough" as he seems I know deep down he has a soft side that worries about his family.
Oakley- he worries about getting what he wants= the answers, the toy, the food, the gum and everything else he "wants" I also know he sometimes worries about mommy (he is my mama's boy!) And honestly I don't think he worries about anything else. He is pretty laid back and doesn't yet know he is "supposed" to worry! Which is good to a point!
So, tell me, what do you worry about?

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  1. well, i am not a real big worrier, i choose not to waste energy on things i can not control....but it was a great message on sunday but i am always praying for good health and safety for my children and their in that respect I do worry about my kids health !!!!! love ya