Friday, April 24, 2009

I am so exhausted but just not going to sleep before 11 every night!
I have been following Stellan's story (the super cute, little baby with a racing heart!) through his mom, MckMama's blog and twitters (texts to my cell phone!) I have greatly enjoyed reading about and praying for Stellan and his family but I am starting to think it is getting to be "too much" for me! I mean, seriously, I don't even know this lady! I feel like I am on the roller coaster with her. I DO LOVE reading her blogs! That woman is TALENTED! She can write and take pictures like no other! She shares her love and faith for the Lord in every blog and it can be so encouraging. However, I think for my sanity I need to take a break! I am going to say, NO COMPUTER for the rest of the weekend! Oh that sounds torturous so maybe I will just shoot for Sat!
I haven't really done anything on my "to do" list!
OH, the last one,,,,
I can do that right now,,, as I am litereally falling asleep!

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