Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bitter sweet!!

Today was my VERY last Body Shop (at Home) party! I know this my opportunity to SLOW down but it will just take some time getting use to since I have been selling the Body Shop for over 5 years! I do think God has other plans for the little things in my life and he is teaching me to "go with the flow!"

HUM,,, Goals!
Summer plans???
Here's what I think,

  1. I think I should focus on selling my camper!
  2. I should get outside and put some sweat labor into my "yard"
  3. I should brainstorm something NICE for my neighbors,,, specially the girls who always babysit for me, even last minute. The girls are a Godsend!
  4. I should get my curriculum map done at work and speaking of *important things* I need to get my horse trailer licenced!
  5. I should buy hog panels, build some little pens and get a pygmy goat! (Maybe Jett can show her in 4-H!) and someday I want chickens, ducks and maybe a rabbit or two!
  6. I should have a scrapbooking "girls night!" ASAP!
  7. I should go to Ft Collins to visit the Frenchies! ASAP!
  8. I should take my boys and husband to Yellowstone National Park in June!
  9. I should do something special for my husband when he gets home from MT (late anniversary thing!) Even though I just did a "No kid, home candlelit dinner" last Monday!
  10. I should finish Blue Like Jazz and give it back to Wendy!
  11. I should go to Sheridan to visit Amy ASAP!
  12. I should work at one of the Rec Centers this summer to get paid to workout!

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