Saturday, June 27, 2009

Family Summer Vacation

June 2oo9 Yellowstone National Park Trip: June 21-27

This is Cory our fearless leader, trying to hurry through "a bear area" hike on Indian Pond Trail that led us along the Yellowstone Lake! Once we got out of the bear area we were really enjoying this almost 3 mile hike! The boys did great! We saw Yellow-bellied Marmots (rock chucks), a REALLY cool beaver that was pretty much showing off for us and a huge bison that was in the trail!! Yeah, we walked around him,,, WAY around!

Jett,squinting his eyes in the sun, trying to pose by "his" geyser! "Jet Geyser" that looked all dried up but nonetheless, it was "his geyser!"

Posing at the bottom of the "Grand Canyon of Yellowstone" next to the Yellowstone river at the Lower Falls! AMAZING!!!!! and that hill was a lot bigger coming up but the boys came flying right up it,,, like they'd been hiking 1ok's.

The boys found Yellowstone on this cool floor map at the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. They LOVED the animal section of this mesuem,,, I highly recommend it if you are in Cody, WY!!! 0

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  1. Those are awesome picture! That pic of Cory clear out front made me lol --- many other possible captions went through my head!
    I'm so glad you had an awesome trip!