Thursday, June 18, 2009

Missing Maddy, bloated and stuff

Well, it has been almost a week since we got back from CO and I am missing the Frenchies. After Maddy's mom left for CA Maddy was "my girl," well until her dad got home at night! Anyway, she is super sweet and makes me want my girl!

Okay, I gotta get going. I don't want to, but I am going to make myself go to the gym! They have daycare from 8-noon so I better get off this computer! I feel so bloated! and by the way, Cramps suck! (Yes Cory, I can put that on here because you are the only one who reads my blog, except for Tina, but she understands I am sure!) I just want to be done with womanly crap!

Gotta do something with Sadie! I think it is almost time to let her go! She is having seizures again!

Walmart, packing, getting my neices for three nights and then we HEAD OUT!~ Whoohoo!

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  1. I agree! Have fun at Walmart and most of all have fun this weekend. I hope the weather heats up for ya....