Monday, June 29, 2009

plans for this week!

It really feels like we have a busy week coming up but I have to remember I am off for the summer so we have ALL DAY!
Jett has two appts this week in Rapid. A cardiology check up Tuesday and a urology checkup Thursday. So, we will incorporate a "cheap-seats" movie and a trip to Sam's Club!
My little brother is up Tuesday morning in the Belle Rodeo, 9 am slack so we will check that out before we head to Rapid!
Oh and I have a dentist appt Thursday morning.
I hope to take the boys to the water park Wed at noon! (anyone want to join us???)
We need to help out with the Black Hills Christian Academy 4th of July Float and the boys will ride on the float Sat morning!
I'm sure we will take the kids to the carnival Sat afternoon and watch the fireworks. Maybe I will be brave enough to let them get sparklers this year!

OH Man,,, is it really the week of the 4th???
reminiscing in my mind, I met Donnie, Sat the 4th, thirteen years ago!!! WOW, boy how things have changed!
Well, let me be the first to say,,, Happy Fourth of July!

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  1. Busy, Busy... I am seriously thinking of going to the water park with you.. I think I could use some sun in my armpit area - ha ha ha