Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Ah yes! We are home! It felt like a long trip but once the triple shot latte and diet Pepsi kicked in, the last part of the trip wasn't so bad! We had such a great time with The Frenchies! I had such a hard time leaving Maddy but she made it easy on me when she totally ignored me because she was so excited her Grandma had come (to relieve me.) The boys are missing their friend Myles and the girls. They seem so ready for a baby brother or sister, specially Jett, BUT are Cory and I !??! I just loved watching Jett, how he adored little baby Addi, giving her the pacifier and talking to her when she needed attention. Oakley played so soft and gentle with Maddi (2) even though she knows how to be tough. She has learned to play rough with the boys but Oakley was still so gentle to her. I just wish they would show that love and kindness with each other!

So after church today the boys are playing outside while Cory is mowing our TALL grass and over abundance of weeds. Well this week,we will be getting ready for our BIG (tent) camping trip! PRAY we don't get eaten by bears at Yellowstone! We leave the 21st~ WHOOHOO!


  1. Lions, Tigers, Bears....oh my!!!!!

  2. glad you are home too !!!!!!!!!!  see ya soon