Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Me Monday on Tuesday!

This is something Stellan's mom started about being honest about all our imperfections! Let me tell you, I am so not perfect and this maybe a little hard to be this honest but I'm so glad my three blog readers will love me anyway!!! Okay, this could be fun! Here goes!!!

I didn't let my boys wear the same clothes two days in a row! No, I would never do that! I also didn't suck homemade frosting straight out of the baggie after decorating my hubby's birthday cake,,, and speaking of cake,,, I guess I can't say "I didn't" make him a protein pancake instead of a real birthday cake, since the pictures below prove it!
(Oh and a few weeks ago) I surely wouldn't forget my own mother's birthday! No, that's something I would never do! (sorry mom! I LOVE YOU!)
Speaking of birthdays,,, I also didn't point out to my two young boys, while in Walmart, what I want for my birthday! No, I would never rely on a 5 and 7 year old to inform their dad what I REALLY want for my birthday next month! BUT, if I had,, I think 20 reminders should do!
I also did not get on my scale twice a day for the last 5 days! NO, I would never play the "Scale mind game" with myself!
Lastly, I didn't FREAK out on my husband when he threw a grasshopper right in front of our salamander's face (after she had just ate a whole bunch already!) Therefore, I didn't spend all of my last waking hours last night praying for the salamander to be able to pass this disgusting grasshopper and not die!

Okay, now all three of my wonderful blog readers feel free to join me and keep Stellan's mom's fun game going! Post your "NOT ME MONDAY" on your own blog and/or on my comments! Also, check out Stellan's mom's blog and see her "Not Me Monday!"


  1. ok so we know you have your "things" but we (I) love you anyway.......not me -----well lets see..i didn't call Linc yesterday from Hulett to tell him I was in the Pizza parlor (with out him) enjoying a calzone !!!! nope not me !! and I didn't feel sorry for myself wafter aI talked to the realtor today and knew that no one showed up for the open house he had a few weeks ago.....but I wasn't suprises either LOVE ALWAYS AHP

  2. I love reading these, but can never think of anything good for myself. Oh here's one..

    I don't bring the boys into the house early so I can have ME time and not worry about them being out on the street! Nope, not me!

    I don't throw Nikita's ball into a place she can't get it, so I don't have to throw it anymore! Nope, not me!

    I don't give into Landry's demands, so I don't have to listen to him Freak Out! lol Nope, not me!

    Okay there.. I'll have to give this some more thought for next week!