Monday, August 17, 2009

NOT Me Monday???

HUH, it is Monday already!? I don't even know how another week went by! Where was I? Why is this summer going by so fast?! I can't even think of "Not me Monday's" Not because I am so perfect but because well, this week just went by so fast I really don't remember any of it!
> > > > > > > > >
Well, if I must confess,,, I will! This is more than brutally honest, it is just plain stupid! Yeah, stupid to put it on the Internet! You see, apparently my husband's boss reads my blog! Oh well, he just checks for "black mail pictures of Cory." I guess as long as MY BOSS doesn't read my blog I might be okay on this one! I wouldn't want him to read my blog because I complained all week to everyone I know. Yep, I whined that it is so stupid that we must have our classroom ready for SHOW Monday afternoon (the 24th) but don't get paid to get it set up and ready! Our first paid day is that day but we have meetings all day and then my favorite: Open House at 2!! What!? Are you kidding me? So, I will go into work later this week and WORK FOR FREE! I could pay daycare to watch my boys so I could get a lot done or I could just take my kids, save some money and drive everyone else crazy! Yeah, that's what I'll do,,, they all need to feel my pain that I can't afford to pay daycare when I'M NOT GETTING PAID! RIGHT??? Okay, now after I admitted all this, I say, "What? Who Me? I would never say that! Geez guys, don't ya know, I LOVE working for free!!!"

Actually I do pretty much "work for free" compared to WY teachers anyway, so I should be use to it right!?

Okay, with all this said, I really just needed about 2 more weeks! I'm just not ready for school to start yet but I will make it! I always do! I will be there and get it all done,,, somehow, someway it will happen!
POST your NOT ME MONDAY ASAP, and no, I'm not paying you to do it! YOU must do it for FREE and LIKE IT!!! GOT IT??? (come on Tina, you can participate this time!)

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