Saturday, August 29, 2009

First week!

What a week! I am tired! Let's see...
Jett's first day of second grade was Monday the 24th. All week he kept saying it was hard and he didn't like school but he wanted to go back the next day because he had fun chasing the snakes on the playground!
Oakley had a boring week at daycare! He starts Kindergarten Monday the 31st!~
My first day back to work was Monday. LONG boring in-services Monday and Tuesday. Thank God my aid came in Friday before to help me decorate the classroom! It looks pretty good! So, students started Wed. I have three returning students who have the majority of their classes in my room. I have one new girl. She's a sweetie. Then I am keeping tabs on three students I had last you but they are kiddos who have earned their way out of my room! GOOD kids!!!! So,,, all 8th graders and one 7th grader! The end of the week with students was very uneventful... easy. I almost fell asleep yesterday afternoon! It is just so quiet and calm in my room,,,,well FOR NOW! I will get paybacks this Spring! I've seen three of my old students who are now 9th graders! They look good and as naughty as remember them but honestly, I miss them!
I made it to the gym two days last week!!! Better than nothing I guess! I am feelin like a big blob so ya I gotta keep doing something! Thursday after school I took the boys to the waterpark! It was fun but a little windy! I actually swam some laps! Then we met Cory for supper at Perkins and later I went to give Walmart a hundred dollars!!! Last night, Friday, I was totally pooped so when we got home we pretty much did nothing!

Cory, he has been staying busy with work and doing little things around here. He has been able to go workout at the gym three days a week. He and Oakley went to an auction in town Tuesday night. Sounds like it was good quality "boy" time together, where they bought a pellet gun! Yeah, another gun around here! Just what we needed! Today Cory is out "scouting for deer." The boys want to go with him but they had to stay home this morning to get some cleaning done! They must really want to go with Daddy looking for deer because their cleaning is done already!

We have a birthday party to go to tomorrow after church and other than that I think I will just be relaxing and chilling most of the weekend! Gotta gear up for another week of school! I think there's only 31 weeks of school left!!!


  1. Sounds like you are in the swing of things!! The story on my camera...well I have waited about 10 years to finally get the one I wanted. ......Now your turn! If you'd like some pics of your family, I 'd love to take them. When I grow up I will be a photographer I promise.

  2. It seems the BLOG SPOT will be rationed to one up date a week.........and it was a very good one, thank you, love Mom

  3. I hope this week is going better for you as you get back into the routine of things! Way to go on making it to the gym! Someday, I'll give it a go, but .. um, Yeah! Okay, so what did Jensen think of.. or better yet, what did Brittany think of the Rubber Band Gun? (grin) what a fun gift to "GIVE"!

    Talk to ya soon!
    God Bless

  4. I think you are way too busy on facebook these days woman