Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garage Challenge Workout!

So, I did this workout last Sunday morning in the 95degree garage!  Yes, it was that hot at 7am!  and my time on 6 rounds was 30:50~
Today, same workout my time was 27 minutes~ really got my sweat on!
Here it is:
10 Jump Squats (body weight, get low and jump HIGH, make em worth it)
10 pullups (I did assisted with orange band)
10 Turkish Get -Ups  5 on eachside
10 Jumping jacks (keeps my heart rate up!)
10 walking lunges with Slosh Pipe overhead (step out far, focus on tight core and feel the up motion through your glutes~)
15 hanging ab strap knee raises

I did 6 rounds but one could do more or less depending on their fitness level.  I push myself pretty hard through this workout and don't want to compromise good form so I usually don't do much longer than 30 minutes!  After 30 minutes at this intense of a level one starts to get shaky and weak and loses good form! 
I'm just pleased I did better on my time by over three minutes,,, whether that was because of the cooler temperature or I was pushing harder I'm not sure but hey, I'll take it! 
Push yourself hard and you'll see progress, EVERYWHERE!

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