Saturday, July 23, 2011

Now, for the rest of the story

So, as much as I don't even want to mention it,,, I have to go back to my goal!  Remember, I mentioned my "goal" a few posts down??!? Yeah, that magic number of 120 was my goal.  I didn't think that it was that unreasonable since I am only 5"2' and my bottom healthy weight is like 110 pounds so honestly what's the big deal?  Well, the big deal is,,, as many of you know "THAT LAST TEN POUNDS IS THE HARDEST!"   GEEZ!  NO kiddin!!!~  I DID NOT get to my goal!  FAILED!!! The closest I got was 122.something!   I'd like to say I am still close but since I went into the transition phase of the Vdiet, no such luck.  I am back up to 125.  
I follow a couple Fitness Girls blogs and it was encouraging to read what they had to say about weight... Holly Shraeder says you will fluxuate all the time, up and down within 5 pounds.  That you really have a 5 pound range you sit in.  She also said you don't gain 2 or 3 pounds of fat overnight! DUH, I know that!  WATER weight!?!?!  I can seriously weigh myself at night before I go to bed and get up in the morning and weigh 2 or 3 pounds MORE!  That must be with age,,, "Old Lady Water Retention?"  So, for now the scale is taking a break! We will NOT be dating every morning, nor at night!
Well that was a depressing story,,, let's move onto something more positive!
So, remember when my husband did my measurements and they didn't change at all?  He suggested I go get my body fat done again!  Sooo,  Body Fat % here I come! And this will explain why I am not overly frustrated with the stupid scale! There's more than one way to determine success!
 Body Comp. Scan:  This is a machine you lay down on and it scans over your body,,, scanning your tissue, determining how much fat and lean muscle you have.  It's expensive, $35.00 a scan but VERY informative.  The only problem is it tells you the fat you have EVERYWHERE, like around your organs and such!  Well, that would be all good if you really needed to know that, but I had to remind myself my numbers made me seem "fatter" than I actually appear!
Check this out!
Aug. 2, 2010 (2months after having baby) 145lbs
37% fat    24,586g of fat,    39,326g lean tissue
April 13, 2011(12 months after having baby)  130lbs
27% fat    16,335 g of fat,   40,408g lean tissue
June 8, 2011 (13.5 months after having baby) 125lbs
21% fat   12,371 g of fat     42, 242g lean tissue

Also on June 8th Jesse from Downtown Gym did my body fat with the "pinchers".  He got me at a total of 18% body fat! which makes sense because that doesn't take into consideration of ALL my fat on the inside of my body! I was happy with that!
Chest 15%
Abs 20%
Thigh 27%
scapula 13%
Triceps 13%

THEN I did the Vdiet plan and intense workout schedule for 6 weeks, and cried to my husband that NOTHING had changed! So, on July 21st I went back to Jesse to get my body fat done again.
Chest 11%
Abs 14%
Thigh 17%
Scapula 9%
Tricep 10%
For an average of 12.2% body fat!  FINALLY GOOD NEWS!~  I don't see it, but hey, I've gotta be happy with these numbers!  I feel great and people who haven't seen me in awhile say I look great so I've got to be happy! I am!  I am happy with the results of HARD WORK!  See,,, it can be done!

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